How do people not know where they're going???

This is something I don’t get. Never have, and never will.

How do people not know where they are going?

Like seriously.


Let’s create a scene together:

Person inside their home, looks at their watch realizes that they a) have to go to work b) have to go to the doctor c) have to pick up their kids. Wherever they are going, they KNOW where it is they are going, because they are getting ready to leave their home.

Person grabs their handbag, wallet, keys, and exits their home.

Person is now inside their car, on route to their destination, where they know they are going, because they LEFT their home, they are OPERATING A MOTOR VEHICLE.

Person is on the road, in the far left lane, cuts across four lanes of moving traffic to get to the off ramp they need. Or, they are in the right hand lane, and out of the blue, and quite suddenly, they turn in front of live traffic LEFT, from the right hand lane, with no indicator. Or, they’re in the middle of the street, come to a dead stop, pull a u turn to go back the way they just came from.

All of them, lost, confused, going the wrong way.

HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN??? Where does it all go wrong, from the time they look at their watches, leave their homes, and then end up in front of all of us other drivers on the roadways.

How do you not know where you’re going while you’re behind the wheel of your car??? Where did you lose the plot???

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…

In closing, after giving it some thought, Ive decided that I’m going to give you all the benefit of the doubt here. Maybe, just maybe, you’re going to a NEW PLACE, somewhere you have never been. Perhaps your nav was being a total bitch today, and sent you the wrong way? Or, your map quest left out a step in the directions of how to get from, A to B. Maybe these things happened to you, and that’s ok. But, what is never ok, when on the road, is pulling these sudden moves mentioned. Trust me when I tell you this, if you miss your exit, your turn, your street, your whatever, just drive to the next off ramp, the next light, the next turn, get off, or turn around and go find the exit, the street etc that you were supposed to use. You will not get lost, and you know what else? You also won’t give anybody behind you a heart attack.