People need to stop with their attempts to change historically accurate facts simply because they don't suit them.

Dunkirk the film is a movie based on actual historical events that happened. Now, I’m no history buff, or scholar, but from what I know of Dunkirk it took place in the spring of 1940 and involved British, French and German soldiers. For those of you who are familiar with Germany they were anti everybody who wasn’t white, and German. I’m simplifying all of it because it’s not the point of today’s post. It is the root of it, but it isn’t the guts of it.

Suffice it to say that all the MEN who were on the battle lines of Dunkirk, the good guys, and the bad guys were white. They were white and they were male.

It was 1940.

It was the Second World War between three notoriously white countries. One wanted to be whitewashed so badly they were killing and holding captive any who were not white, and German.

Needless to say there were no Asian, African American, Indian or female soldiers at Dunkirk. There were no pan or trans people either. I mean I’m sorry this upsets a lot of you, but no. This is not some DC comic fictitious film folks, or some Tyler Perry movie. This is a film about something that actually happened in time. Now, this is not to say that there weren’t African, Asian or Indian people who had immigrated to these countries, and in the case of African people were brought there against their will many years earlier. As I said I’m no history buff, but I’m hopeful that they were living freely in these places come 1940. My point is that women and minorities were most likely not “allowed” to defend their country on the front lines of any battle. Jesus, African American’s weren’t even given the right to vote in America until the summer of 1965. I would have a difficult time believing that they were fighting on the front lines in 1940. I’m willing to be wrong here, and if anybody reading this knows differently, by all means please let me know.

The bottom line with this point is that people need to just stop with their burning desire for political correctness in every single life situation. You’re not going to “see yourself” represented in every damn film. I mean I don’t see me being cast in a series airing on BET, and you know what? I’m completely, and totally fine with it. I have zero issues with not seeing white people in a Tyler Perry film. I’m also alright with not hearing my voice, my opinion being represented on PRIDE radio, or television. It doesn’t matter to me. I’m not talking segregation here folks, I’m simply saying that not every TV show, movie or radio show is going to have something for everybody. What the hell is wrong with that??? What is the big deal with them having something they relate to, that is about them and for them? The answer is there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, in my opinion.

Dunkirk happens to be about a bunch of white soldiers. So what. Who fucking cares? It’s what happened. Sorry you don’t like history people, would you like somebody else of different race, ethnicity, religion, or gender playing you if they happened to make a film about your life? I think not. The people getting their knickers in a knot over how “white and male” this film is need to go get laid, have a drink, or I don’t know, maybe get their heads out of their asses. Stop. Just stop for the love of God find something real to give all this energy to. Like feeding children in your local community, volunteering at an animal shelter, creating a “clean up your city” group and get out and clean up your ravines; do some actual good. Instead of sitting behind your computer screens and creating problems and drama where there really is none. Never mind you’re doing a huge disservice, and essentially spitting on the graves of the soldiers, who lost their lives at Dunkirk. You’re disrespecting the surviving family members who lost loved ones, or who have loved ones who were part of the rescue operation.

So just don’t. Check yourselves before you go on a rant like this, then go outside and find something else to devote your time and energy to, leave the heroes and the victims of Dunkirk alone.