Why do I look at dead critters on the road when I know I don't really want to, and other things that make me go "hmmm..."

People are so frigging strange, I include myself in this blanket statement. With this in mind I’m really feeling the love toward posting about a number of things that make me go “hmmm” today.

First up: tonight Yannick and I are treating my dad to a concert of Chicago, which was his absolute favorite band, and The Doobie Brothers. As you know, from posts on my personal blog but also from my Huff Post Canada piece today, my dad has dementia, and even though many words escape him, and he struggles with long term memory on a great many subjects, he does know, very clearly, how to give directions to me while driving. So, I’m curious to see how much of the music he loved and knew all the lyrics to he will be able to recall tonight.

Guys, what’s up with people driving with small dogs on their laps??? I mean HONESTLY. If you’re in a crash, that dog is going to be splattered across your entire body. Not to mention, how is having a small dog crawling around on your lap while you’re meant to be driving not distracting??? They think a cell phone is a distraction? Oh please, a cell phone has nothing on a person driving with their damn dog in their lap. There is just too many things wrong with this that I can’t even about it. So suffice it to say you’re jeopardizing the very life of the animal you claim to love so much with this practice. Do people who do this not see it ending badly at some point? I mean, I’m a visual person and it is all I can see when I’m beside a driver who has their dog on their lap. Please just stop with this insane practice. And if they all continue to refuse can we make it a distracted driving charge too???

This is a personal favorite of mine that is taking place all over the city of Toronto. The reduction of the speed limit on major arteries. I’m not opposed to the speeds being reduced, because, I believe the stats are that on average, most drivers will go 10kmh over the posted limit. It isn’t the lower speed limits that make me go “hmmm” it is however the sly way in which they’re slipping them in without any warning. Back in the day there used to be an alert post around the newly reduced speed limit so it would catch the eyes of the driver’s giving them a fighting chance to avoid the speed trap that is automatically set up day in day out now that the speed limit has been reduced. Not anymore. These SOB’s are in it to win it. Nailing as many drivers as they can with speeding tickets. Not a heads up sign in sight, just a lower speed limit popping up over night. Not cool city of Toronto, not cool at all.

Going back to drivers doing weird things…anybody want to help me understand the drivers who hang blankets on their car windows, while driving? I get the sun is hot. I get that it can be uncomfortable while driving. But you know what else is uncomfortable you cozy driver you, a car crash is highly inconvenient and uncomfortable on everybody’s pocket book. Take your blankets off your windows. This has been a PSA.

Am I the only person that thinks this next one is completely nutty? People getting “re-married” who aren’t even divorced yet? Come again? I thought there was a law against this? And I mean “married”, like expensive wedding dress, invites, catered, the whole shebang, and the guests that are invited not acting like this is at all weird. Hmmm…

Why do I look at dead critters on the roads? I see it coming, and I have an entire conversation with myselt about NOT looking when I get closer. I literally tell myself that I’m not going to look, because a) it will make me sad and b) it will gross me out. I don’t really want to look at a critter with it’s guts outside of it’s body all over the road. But what do I do when I get there? I look, of course I do.

So, Yannick wants to tear half the roof of our shack in the woods so we can put sliding doors on that entire side of the structure. It is the water side, and we would build a deck off it as well so we can sit there and enjoy sunsets on cooler evenings. I don’t want to bother with the expense of that much work on the place, but I do see his point, since we might live with our one room shack in the woods for a few years. Should we end up not building for many years I know for certain I’ll kick myself for not taking the time, and spending the small amount of extra money to raise the roof line…who do we think will win this first cottage reno “war???”

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…