Some people hope, pray and spend years trying to have children of their own. These parents ended the lives of theirs???

A few people have tweeted at me over the past two days wondering out loud who would murder a baby. I have to say, as I’ve mentioned before I’m staying off news feeds on Twitter, and my television. I have to do this because I honestly cannot find the balance of reading it, without worrying about all of it. Such is the state of the world these days that I am unable to read “news” without losing faith that it all will be okay, so for me, the less I know, the better. Most of my time on social media is spent on reading your communication to me, and not my homepage. This is probably why I don’t know exactly what baby you are talking about.

I am, however a contributor to Huffington Post Canada, and read most of their daily posts. This is where I learned about two, separate, babies meeting a horrific end to their new lives. Like you I have to ask WTAF is wrong with some people???

It will never, not in a million years, ever compute in my mind what a small child, in the one case a boy who was only three months old, and in the other, a toddler of just twenty months, could do to upset an adult to the point that they would want to end their lives. There is just nothing.

Whenever I read these types of stories the very first thing that comes to my mind is; if they didn’t really want a child then why keep it? No, I’m not suggesting abortion. I’m simply pointing out the obvious, that there are hundreds of thousands of people who want children of their own, and cannot have them. My aunt and uncle come to mind. They desperately wanted to have even just one baby, and couldn’t. People like them who would have given a baby a great life. A loving home. A safe home; but didn’t get the opportunity to be loving parents. But this lot did? Where is the sense in that?

How about parents who spend days, weeks, months, YEARS nursing/fighting for their children’s lives against diseases like cancer? So many people, who would give anything for a healthy baby of their own. And yet you “parents” thought nothing of murdering your own baby???


What is wrong with these people? What gave them the idea that killing a child, their child, was the only answer to whatever the problem was? There are so many alternative choices to be made in both these scenarios…none of them murder. To the people in their circles, who know the parents of the Cyrus Nel of Calgary, you need to speak up. You must tell the authorities everything you know about the people responsible for his life being cut so short. Speak up now so that their karma doesn’t become your karma.

I’m brokenhearted, disgusted, saddened, and disappointed in these four “parents.” The only saving grace is, that obviously neither baby was born into a stable environment. One that would have given them lives where they would have had childhoods spent laughing, running, playing, and being safe. So now, they’ve gone back to the beginning, their souls will be brought back to this earth in better scenarios, with loving parents, and lives to be lived out in full.

May their souls rest in peace, until their forever parents call them back.

Now I’m going back to Instagram to look at photos of puppies, and to read inspirational sayings.