People who follow people, who follow people, who follow people, they don't know on social media???

You know what I find very odd. This is not a judgement, on anybody who does this, this is honestly, and truly a thing that makes me “go hmmm” every time one of our daughters sends us a screen shot, of somebody who follows, Yannick, who then follows our daughters, follows their friends, and follow their friends, and so on, and so on, and so on.

I don’t get this. I don’t understand this.

I get the following Yannick bit, and thank you for that!! SO DEEPLY GRATEFUL! I also get following me, (THANK YOU, I’M EVEN MORE GRATEFUL THAT YOU FOLLOW ME THAN HIM XOXO)I’m a debut author working to get a book off the ground, I write this hugely amusing daily blog for you to chuckle at, and I’m Yannick’s wife. So this makes sense. I also truly appreciate the comments, advice, from last week when I was quite sick. I was moved by all the good wishes, and your genuine concern for my well being. Which by the way, I’m not sure if it was the second round of antibiotics, or some of your tips, that I’ll have you know, I read every single suggestion, and tried a few. But either way, I’m much, much, better today. So thank you for that too. I feel very blessed to have such a kind group of people who follow me, I can count on one hand, the number of cruel things that have ever been said to me via social media, and that’s cuz you, my friendly followers are awesome, decent humans.

From what I can tell; following people, gets you friends. I see that there are a group of you that really care for one another, and seem to be close, as close as “cyber-friends” can be. It’s only natural to befriend people who follow people you’re a fan of, because right away you have a common ground to begin the relationship on. It makes total sense to me. Even though I get it, I don’t get it; are you with me? I follow a few of my fave actors, authors, personalities as well, but not their friends and family. It’s a great deal of fun, to see inside their heads, and to every once in a while, see the personal side of them. Not just the standard responses they give in interviews, with the publicist, or head of the studio breathing down their necks. It is refreshing, and reminds me that famous people are JUST LIKE ME, if you minus the fact that they have hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions of followers hanging out on their social media outlets, pages, (whatever the proper term for all of it is) we’re totally so much alike. Sometimes, when I’m feeling really brave, or had some wine, or vodka, I might just retweet J.K Rowling, or Chrissy Teigen, or Julianne Moore, and then there are the other times where I might even comment in my retweet!!! If you’ve ever seen me do THAT, then you know I was feeling EXTRA brave that day.

What I haven’t done, because personally, it doesn’t appeal to me, is go, and find somebody who is famous, sibling’s Instagram, twitter, snap chat et al. Nor from there, have I’ve looked for co-workers, or other family members, or the best friend of the famous person, and then their siblings, and their co-workers, and all of their best friend’s Instagrams, twitters, and follow them. I don’t understand why anybody would do this. First off, doesn’t it take an awful lot of time to go through somebody’s feed, mentions, or followers to locate the people who are “in their crew”??? I mean, to answer my own question, I guess not so much if these people are tagged in their posts, and photos? But like why? I understand why a person who would follow Yannick, me, or our daughters. But friends of our daughters? And then their friends? Or my friends, and then friends of my friends, friend…I’m obsessed with Chrissy Teigen, yet I don’t follow any of her friends, or their friends. I don’t because a) I’m not that interested in any of them or what they’re doing in their lives. b) I figure if they do something cool with Chrissy, who I’m in love with, she’ll be the first to post it, and that satisfies my curiosity.

One time, we had a grown ass adult comment on our youngest daughter’s, best friends Instagram page. To be sure you’re with me, somebody followed Yannick, then followed our daughters, then followed the very best friend of our youngest daughter. You got it? Anyway, this adult, commented on the best friend of our youngest daughter’s Instagram, and told her, I’m paraphrasing here; “that she was prettier without the heavy eyebrows, and even told her next time she was going to do her makeup she should ask our eldest daughter to help her,” then tagged Brianna in the comment.

Wow. Ok.

Ummmm, Ms. she doesn’t know YOU. For the record she’s beautiful all the time, and you know when you comment on somebody’s feed, all her followers could see that, right? Then there was the major point of it all: she didn’t ask for your opinion, and furthermore I’m pretty sure she’s just a twenty year old young woman posting for her own enjoyment, and for her friends. Not fans of a man, she’s grown up most of her life as thinking of as, just Yannick. This is not the only time something like this has happened. In fact it happened today, which is what got me musing about it. It has happened so often, that at various times it has caused two of our three girls to go private, to take a break from people whom they don’t know commenting on not only their social media, youth driven pages, but pages of their friends also.

I don’t know if I’ll ever fully understand the following of people one likes, that turns into following the people who are family, or close friends, and then following the friends of said family and close friends, to follow their friends, and their friends…

Jesus, just typing that got me exhausted, and it’s only 4:15 too early for wine ; ) that and I’m on antibiotics, and not supposed to drink…ssshhhh

Anyway, follow our girls if you must, and follow their friends too, if it’s fun for you and brings you joy. God knows we all need a lot of more of it these days. But perhaps, we can all agree to have you treat our kids, and their friends, more like zoo animals. You know look, admire, enjoy, but don’t touch.

What do you say???