Why do I pay more, but get less???

Ok, so this probably goes beyond a thing that makes me “go hmmm”, this topic, in fact brings out the I CAN’T EVEN in me.

Why, oh why, do I pay SO MUCH MORE for absolutely EVERY DAMN thing, but get less.

Unless it’s a Big Gulp at 7-eleven. That’s always more than you pay for.

But not in life. Why is this so? Meanwhile, I’m over here trying to have a good attitude, and live the whole FOUR AGREEMENTS, and the zen life of daily meditation. But this reality just gets under my skin, and pisses me off, cuz like I’ve said before I run hot, and can be a big pain in the ass. So I’m working on this, like EVERY SINGLE DAY, yet this paying more and getting less, challenges my patience. I know I’m not alone in my frustrations. I’m confident so many of you feel the exact same way as me. How can our government take 53.5% of the money my husband breaks his back to make, MORE THAN WE ARE ALLOWED TO KEEP, and we get LESS??


And what the f*#k are they doing with it?

Well I can tell you one thing for certain, as I learned today when I called 311. 311, for those of you who aren’t from around here; is a direct line to the public services in Toronto. Hell they may even cover all of Ontario, I don’t know, because I don’t live in all of Ontario. Anyway, I called them today to ask them a question about the sidewalk in front of my home; “Hello. The sidewalk in front of my home has been torn up, and replaced by asphalt since 2012. Do you have any idea when this tripping hazard to the group of retired nuns who live on my street, not to mention unsightly bit of sidewalk will be repaired. It has been like this since 2012?”

The lady on the other end of the phone comes back at me with; “Well, did you file a request to have it repaired?”

Me; “Yes I did, in 2013.”

Her; “We have no record of that, but we do have on record that a request was made in 2015.”

Me; “Yeah I know, that was also made by me, I call every year on the anniversary of my original call, which was July 13th, 2013, to see what’s going on with it this year. So what is going on with my request?”

Her; “It is in the line up for repairs.”

Me; “Yeah I know it is. That’s what they tell me every year. Do we know WHERE IN THE LINE it is, three years later.”

Her; “No. Just that it is in the line.”

Me; “Ok. Cool. Good talk. Happy hump day.”

Hang up.

So let me get this straight government of Ontario, City of Toronto…my property taxes go up year, after year, after year. Ontario, thank you Kathleen Wynn, is the highest taxed Province, and Federally we’re now giving Ottawa more money than we get to keep, but I can’t have my sidewalk repaired before three years? Awesome. I wonder what would happen if I stopped playing my part in the system of paying more and getting less, I wonder how long it would be before some city official showed up at my door to drag my ass to court??

Probably about as long as it took for Sophie Gregoire Trudeau to say she needs more than two nannies, along with a chef, house staff, and how one personal assistant, just won’t do.

So, probably not long at all…