Why do parents pimp out their children???

If you’re a follower of my daily musings, you will know that I give little, to zero credence to the violence that is plaguing our society. It’s not because I don’t care, or that I don’t think we should all make our voices heard, it’s mostly due to the fact that I feel entirely, and completely helpless to make a difference. And also because it breaks my heart. Like truly, and literally causes me such angst, confusion and heart break that I simply cannot, will not engage.

Seriously. WTAF is going on out there? What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

What happened to shoot to “slow somebody down”? Why do you have to kill? We all know you, officers of the law, have, supposedly have, the skills to shoot without killing. Don’t you??? It’s brutal. It’s senseless, and it’s devastating.

As are all the attacks, bombings, and other cowardly acts in the name of “law” or “God” so I cannot, will not post on these matters, although I suppose I sort of just did.

Can’t it just stop. Please. Enough is enough. Love. Love. Love.

Something that actually turns my stomach, almost as violently as all the police brutality, and random acts of murder, are “momagers/dadagers”. Parents who will stop at nothing, ala Kris Jenner, to make their children famous, and subsequently, they too become famous.

Often, Yannick and I have been asked by people; “why aren’t your daughters in the business”, or “why don’t you and the girls do a Kardashian reality show, except for Canada”??? So many questions, with only a couple of answers.

1) We want our daughters to a) fulfill their own personal desires of who they want to be in the world. Life is way longer than fifteen minutes of fame. b) never feel pressured to fit themselves into some box of identity for ratings and c) they are way too cool, smart, awesome, and worthy of their own identities, more than what any fake “reality” show could, or would ever portray them to have/be.

2) We’re too private for that nonsense.

But all day long, every day, both here in Toronto, and California we see it. Parents restricting their daughters calories so they looker cuter, sexier, THINNER on their Instagrams. Lighting, posing, and shooting their bikini photos for their twitter accounts. Parents who dedicate their own social media presence to their kids, as if their child’s “fame” will somehow equal personal fame/success for them.

But does it though? Maybe ask Corey Haim, Michael Jackson, Gary Coleman, Dana Plato how childhood fame turned out for them. Oh you can’t. You can’t because they no longer walk among us. All right, maybe I’m being a bit harsh, and dramatic, I mean for every one of those child actors we have the Jodi Foster, Clair Dane and Christoper Walken’s of the group, but let’s be frank there are more child “actor” casualties, or young adults hanging on by a thin thread after their “momagers/dadagers” have exhausted every possibility to make them famous, than not.

Which begs the question, if your child is the greatest gift you’ll ever receive then why, oh why would you so willingly feed that most precious gift to the wolves for a small sum of money, and fifteen fleeting minutes of fame??

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…