Why does Ontario have so much water, while other parts of the world haven't got enough???

As we wind up the middle month of summer I have to say that I’m struggling with feeling totally ripped off by Mother Nature this year. I know it really isn’t polite to complain about something that so many have too little of, but it has to be asked…what is with all the rain Toronto, well Ontario as a whole is getting this spring/summer??? I love weather, I’m a huge fan of all four seasons. Actually let me rephrase this. I love all the seasons in moderation, that includes the heat of the summer. Which is why I’ve gotten to the point of being downright annoyed by this “summer.” Let me tell you, the amount rain we’re getting this calendar year is not moderate. It is downright excessive. In fact driving home today there was so much water falling from the sky with such force that I could barely see my windshield wipers on my windscreen right in front of my face. Even Mikaela asked; “How are you even focusing your eyes on the road right now???”

To which I replied: “Very carefully.”

So I’m grumbling. And before anybody messages me telling me to go see the sequel to Inconvenient Truth, which I totally plan on doing with much wine in my system, since the truth about the state of the planet freaks me the fuck out. I’m going to say this: I wish that our governments, because I’m pretty confident that there are scientists out there who have already figured this out, would develop a system that collects all the excessive precipitation we’re getting and find a way to transport it to the places in drought and in need of it.

I’ve mused about this idea so often to friends, and been shot down so hard, saying it’s impossible, but I don’t care. I still believe there must be a way to transport water. The biggest nay-saying comment, I consistently receive is; “Water is sooooo heavy, especially in the large quantities you’re talking about that it wouldn’t be economically viable for any company to take up the cause to cover the cost to ship it.”

To which I say; “Well Nestle seems to have figured out how to profit off selling bottled water en-mass, there must be somebody out there who would ship it in order to help people LIVE.”

Listen, I get it. I understand that shipping corporations, or all companies in fact, are in it to win it. They want to end up with profits at the end of the day, not run a “charity” and lose money at their business. But, what if some of the world’s wealthiest people got together and funded the collection, processing (it needs to be stored in a way that ensures that the water wouldn’t be contaminated once it arrives half way around the world)and transporting of all the excess water around the world and sent it to those places in need? Wouldn’t that be magical. I mean can you imagine countries, provinces, states, and counties that have been in drought for years all of a sudden having the luxury like I have of having too much water to deal with? Wouldn’t that be wonderful if places with incredibly high water stress levels could know that water was coming to them??

I’m a romantic, idealistic person. I would really love it if the world was more fair. It would help me sleep better at night if I knew that all the people in need of water the world over were able to have some of the plethora of water that my homeland currently has. Dispersing water equally is something that I really wish we would figure out, sooner rather than later. I suppose until we do I’ll continue to grumble at the lack of summer we’re being given by Mother Nature, and ponder why the planet is the way it is; some parts of it with too much while others suffer from not having what they need to sustain its land and people.

Some call this balance, but it equates in my brain as imbalance.