Am I the only one so touched, and inspired by the incredible acts of kindness I'm witnessing every single day in Texas?

Isn’t it a beautiful thing to see people working together to help one another? It warms my heart like nothing else to witness human kindness and unity in action like this. I don’t want this to come off as insensitive, or like I don’t understand the gravity of what the people of Texas are dealing with, not at all. I just want to say; don’t you find it fascinating that the universe is continually putting tragedies in our paths forcing us to put love first? I mean racists can come out of the woodwork and spew hatred, terrorists can threaten people’s freedom at the drop of a hat until the cows come home. But the moment a natural catastrophe strikes, or a mass murder takes place, the undeniable goodness of the human spirit comes out in spades.

I don’t think this is a fluke. I think during these troubling, insane times of hatred and violence, the universe, as always, has the perfect way of bringing out the love in human kind. I don’t like the way it happens. I don’t appreciate that so many lives are lost, and many end up in financial ruin, but I will say this, the instinct to save your fellow human during their time of need is much more natural then it is to want to do the opposite. Only people who are not of sound mind find the other way of being a more natural way of behaving.

We are made perfect. We are rooted in love, since most of us were born of love. It is in our DNA to do right, to be kind, helpful and loving. When the shit hits the fan, as it has with the flooding in Texas most people will open their hearts, get out of their homes and save others. It’s not natural to sit on the couch watching mothers die while their young children cling to their lifeless bodies and determine that; “it’s not my problem.” Most of us will help in whatever way we can. For those who live there, they will go out and help. For those with money, they will donate, and those who neither live nearby, or have the means to donate they will help through prayer and faith that the people in need will get the help they need.

I love watching the human spirit rise above ugliness. It is always a good day to be an upstanding human being when so many out there would have us believe that the world is going to shit. That there are more people doing good at any given moment than there are who are plotting death and destruction, or founding groups to spread hatred and dissension.

I’m sorry for the rains that have decimated Texas, and I pray that as the storm moves on it weakens and doesn’t take any more lives or properties with it. In the meantime while we wait to see, I will remain forever thankful to all the people I’ve witnessed going above and beyond to lend a helping hand during this terrible natural disaster. Bless each and every one of you, you’re doing more to remind the rest of the world that we’re all going to be okay than you even know.

Thank you, be safe one and all.

xo SB