One man's mission to save the feeling of cows everywhere...I can't even...

Today I attended the bridal shower of my nephew’s future wife, it involved close to two hours of driving to get there and back, so to keep it fun and interesting my sister-in-law and I drove together. During the drive we talked about pretty much everything, but one thing she brought up BLEW MY MIND.

Honestly friends, I cannot even believe that this really happened, and I wonder where I was and what I was doing that I missed it ENTIRELY.

Some “activist” by the name of Len Goldberg took great offense to an ad campaign that our downtown airport launched. To see the ad follow the link at the end of this post. Anyway our city airport is small, but is growing, and there is mess that comes along with expansion and renovations. So, while they are improving the gate areas, to convey to their customers just how important they are to them, their ad agency came up with, what I thought was a super cute ad that read: YOU’RE PRECIOUS CARGO, NOT CATTLE.

Cute right? I totally get where they’re going with that, and I back it. I immediately see cows all crowded together, it’s clever.

Not so fast. This is in fact NOT a cute ad. Not only is this NOT an appropriate ad, it is in fact, according to Len and some of his “like minded” friends the exact opposite of a harmless ad. According to them it is a highly offensive and insensitive to the plight of cows EVERYWHERE ad.


Come again Len?

You know that cows can’t read, right Len?

You know that cows who cannot read, are also not in the habit of flying out of downtown airports, or any airports in fact, Len?

Apparently Len and his crew do not know this, so they persisted with the company and implored them to rethink the damage their ad was doing to cows everywhere…seriously Len? This is your claim to “activism fame.” This is what you want to be known as? The guy who got the Porter airport and the Ports Toronto to remove the ad??? Are you serious right now?

Len and friends must know that there are children who go to school, right here in Toronto, hungry every single day of their school year, don’t they? Len and Co know that ten thousand kids get diagnosed with cancer every single year, right? Surely Len & his cow shaming won’t happen on their watch team know that women are beaten daily by abusive husbands and in need aid of “getting out?”

Yet this is what he chose to fight for? The rights for cows to maintain their dignity?

Wow. Wow. Wow.

I can’t. My mind is blown. I don’t know who’s actions I’m more stunned by, Len’s, or the Ports Toronto personnel who allowed this argument to persuade them to take down their ad. What’s next, we going to change the poem; “Roses are red, violets are blue…” because violets might get their feelings hurt due to the fact that they aren’t blue???

Come on people. Find a real cause to attach your clout and efforts to. Cows “feelings” over an ad??? I just cannot.