Not sure I can thank my bridal shower committee enough for their hard work, or be more excited to be gaining a son in less than a month?!

I’m on a roll catching up on all the blog posts I missed while being completely present, and immersed in the planning and executing of Brianna’s bridal shower. It was a magical day. There isn’t one thing about it that I would change, seriously not one thing.

Okay maybe one, there were a couple of my favourite people, my youngest daughter for starters, who couldn’t attend. I wish they could have been there celebrating with us, and that is truthfully the only change I would make.

For me the one thing I have to share that I’m most grateful for is my bridal shower committee. Jenni, Jenanne, Cheyanne and Mom, I honestly and truthfully could not have done it without your help. Seriously. There were some tasks that had me completely stumped; such as turning Craig’s logo that he designed for them into stickers to go on David’s Tea Cans, and edible icing for take way cookies, badges, napkins you name it. I wanted to brand everything, but had no clue how to go about it. Jenni, you saved the day with all of that! You were my sounding boards, my voice of reason, and you provided the greatest service of all, you kept me calm. You allowed me to delegate so that I could appreciate the day with my daughter, and for this I will be forever thankful. Then on the day I had Barbie, Dominique and Tania coming in clutch to set the house up with me. Blessed, blessed, blessed.

I don’t want to be one of those people who pontificates on a special life occasion like I’m the only person ever to have celebrated this moment. I dislike all the gender reveal parties, the notion that every kid who participates in a season of whatever sport is their passion gets a medal BS. But mostly I appreciate that there are so many mothers, and fathers who have thrown showers for their daughter who are about to be married. All I want to say is that being the Mother of the Bride and saying the words out loud, as I did in a large group of people for the first time, “my daughter the bride” was pretty moving. I hadn’t really felt like she was getting married until I had a house full of women, she in a beautiful white dress, and I stood before everybody and thanked them for coming to celebrate “my daughter the bride.”

I could barely contain my emotions, in fact if my champagne brain serves me well, I didn’t contain myself. At all. Which actually doesn’t surprise me, I figured when the rubber hit the road it would start to feel real. It would no longer be about emails back and forth discussing details, it would at long last be happening.

My baby girl, my first born is getting married. She’s getting married in 28 days. To a man I adore. A man who initially I didn’t think was the perfect lid to her pot, but as time goes on, and I spend more time with him I can see, without a doubt that he really is. And it’s not because he sent Batman to deliver flowers, which was super cool, and totally appropriate for her. Or the fact that Batman also delivered a bag of Star Wars stuffies to her on the day of the shower. These are both sweet and thoughtful things, but it is more than that. It is the fact that Craig is the sort of man who listens. Really listens. But he doesn’t stop there, he takes what he has heard, processes it and if it makes sense, takes action. He is a man filled with integrity and kindness. His intellect and sharp wit matches hers. And he loves her. He does an exceptional job of loving her. Which, as our girls were growing up I said this to anybody who would listen to me: “I don’t care who they fall in love with and marry. I don’t care their race, their religion, or their gender. The only thing that matters to me as their mother is that they end up with people who love them best.”

And here we are. Sure, when I first met him I couldn’t picture him as a son-in-law; he was quiet, shy and doesn’t like crowds…which makes bringing him to award ceremonies a bit uncomfortable, for HIM. But as time goes on, and I get to know the man behind the glasses, the cardigans and tattoos I have to say I’m happy with Brianna’s pick. It is an honour to know that in less than one month this man will no longer be a boyfriend, or fiance, but he will in fact be family. And being able to say that I will have a son-in-law come October 14th 2017 out loud also brings me to tears. Happy tears, very happy tears.