Not a lot of time today, so here are a few things that make me go "hmmm" wonder if they give you thought too?

Our amazing nephews, my youngest brother’s sons, arrived last night from Toronto. Which means I don’t know what sort of posts you’re going to get from me over the next week, because we have BIG PLANS, for a busy fun packed seven days! Also today is Jourdon’s birthday, he’s the eldest of the two and turns twenty three today, his whole life ahead of him. He is wonderful, intelligent, kind, and handsome. I threw the handsome bit in because it is also a fact. He’s very handsome, if I do say so myself. Anyway, I will be happily busy hanging with him, and his younger brother, the amazing Jekobe and I can’t promise anything over the next week as far as high quality posts. I do happen to know that you all like these compilation posts, so here are a few things that make me go “hmmm…”

Alright, can somebody, anybody out there please tell me if they know whether or not gas companies pay different amounts of money to purchase gas/oil? This seriously makes me go “hmmm.” Last night I had 28 miles left to my tank, I had to drive to the airport to pick up our nephews who were flying in and that was not going to get me there, obviously. I pulled off the freeway to fill up, four gas stations were all charging $3.43 per gallon. Then as I was getting back on the freeway I saw another Shell gas station, which is what I had used to fill up on the other side, and this is when I noticed the situation. I mean I’ve seen these before when stations are side by side, charging different prices for the same gas. What I do recall seeing before, in recent memory, is that this station about a block away from the freeway, was charging $3.13 a gallon!! What gives Shell? How the hell does this happen?? I just don’t understand. I get it if competitors charge different amounts of money per gallon, but the same company?? Come on guys, now you’re just fucking with the consumer, and that’s not cool.

Today I opened some mail that Brianna gave to my nephews to bring from Toronto to me, rather than mail it. Within the pile of mail there was a government envelope. Ugh. I mean who ever likes to see mail from the government?? Nobody. Anyway I opened it wondering what amount I could possibly owe them now. Friends! It was a refund. OH HAPPY DAY! A return from a reassessment they did to Yannick’s 2015 return. WHAT?? A refund. You’re kidding me, right?? What the hell?? How can this be, from 2015?? Look I’m not bitching about getting a return, this is not the bit that makes me go “hmmm” what does though, is this. How long are they poking around in your filings if two years later they’re still assessing, and reassessing your filings? Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.

Also, remember how I was complaining about trying to find a nail salon that had high quality staff. Well whether or not they yell over you in another language, or cut and file your nails your unevenly seems to be the least of our worries…two weeks ago the nail salon we trust here in California, Renewal Nail Salon in Calabasas, gave Mikaela a nail fungus. We know it was them because the last time she had a pedicure was back in February, at our amazing spot in Toronto, who would NEVER. Besides the doctor at Malibu Urgent Care asked if she had just had a pedicure. So there you go. The part of this that makes me go “hmmm” is that when we contacted this salon, they had no response. As in they still haven’t called us back to apologize, or acknowledge that this happened. Which makes me wonder, how many more unsuspecting people are they going to just give a nail fungus out to???

Men you might want to hit the closed button on your browser now, because this is strictly a woman thing this next paragraph.

Friends, how excited am I? After 52 days without my period it has magically arrived today. YAY. What joy, what bliss. You know what’s the worst part of all of this?? The worst part is just this morning, before I used the bathroom I looked in the drawer with all my supplies, and thought; “Hello there, I don’t miss you at all.” And guess who had the last laugh? Yeah the tampons, because not even two minutes later I was reaching for one.

Well played feminine supplies, well played.