Nobody's perfect, but who are we to judge if somebody's trying to get there via plastic surgery?

We’re going to go back in time and act like I didn’t fly home on a red eye Wednesday night, stay up all of Thursday unpacking, all while dealing with a very upset, lonely, desperately unhappy person on the internet. So let’s suspend reality my lovely friends and act like today is Thursday and I am in fact responding in a timely manner to this week’s WWYDW.

I have to say, most of us feel the same way, which is probably why we tend to “hang out” together on the internet and generally get along. The overwhelming consensus of this week’s topic was: “to live and let live.” Let people do to themselves whatever brings them joy. If it isn’t harming anybody else who’s business is it really if a woman wants to enhance her own appearance with the assistance of plastic surgery?

To me, since I’m an advocate of plastic surgery, I’ve never understood somebody saying that a woman who chooses to do this for herself cannot also be a feminist. It makes no sense, and to be honest I don’t see how that is a straight line drawn, one to the other?? Like really? How is it that a woman who wants to take care of herself, beautify herself, and make the most of her one life on earth in this way unable to also be concerned about equality for women, or even for herself? It truly makes less than zero sense to me. I’ve also always associated feminism with other women coming together for the benefit of all women regardless of shape, size, economic standing, level of education, and most importantly beauty. How is it in the mind of some feminists that beautiful woman are not aligned with the “movement” simply because they’re beautiful? Or want to be more beautiful?

Like explain that mentality to me, because I seem to have missed the plot line on it somewhere along the way. I know for me whenever I catch myself being judgemental against another woman, or hell anybody, if I sit quietly for a few moments, it is revealed to me quite quick, that I’m coming from a place of envy. My heart is not clear, and my own insecurities about where I am or am not in my life due to comparing myself to them is what is at the forefront of what I like to call the childish side of myself. Let’s be honest, it is so easy in today’s world to be constantly faced with all the things we don’t have, whether it be material items, or in the case of this blog, other’s appearances. I’m of the opinion that if it doesn’t directly affect our lives then why don’t more of us just mind our mouths, and move along?

I really wish that the feminist who posted a hateful comment on a photo of a celebrity who attended the Met Gala, telling her she couldn’t really post a photo of herself with a caption as being a “heavenly body” because she’s had multiple procedures done to her body is just not cool. Not on any level. And I find it most offensive because she’s in a position of being a role model to so many women who are following her lead on feminism. From where I sit, that’s not how a feminist should treat another woman. I don’t care what your opinions on the entire topic are. It’s spewing hatred, and setting a very dangerous precedent to the younger women who are looking to understand what being a feminist is all about. Let’s work harder every day to support and honour women, to band together and realize that ultimately we do all want the same thing for ourselves, and each other. Which is equality, and that we be treated with respect for who we are not what sex we are. That we enjoy the same opportunities as men, and that we enjoy them in safe environments, and that “safety” needs to begin with how we women treat one another.

So for me, it’s going to be D. I’m going to continually check myself and evolve myself to the point where I am able to operate in my life without judging anybody. This is not what I’m here to do. I’m here to be in existence with my fellow humans by understanding that everybody is here to live and enjoy their own experiences. It doesn’t come naturally, but God damn it by the time I slide into my final resting place I want to have lived more of my life not judging than judging. It just seems like a much more peaceful way to be.