The NFL and their treatment of women is why Super Bowl Sunday is always a no from me.

Well it is upon us friends…today it is yet another Super Bowl. I never watch. I have many issues with the NFL, primarily how misogynistic it is, and how owners, coaches and everybody who stands downhill from the top making buckets of money covers up, lies, and flat out ignores the countless domestic violence attacks. The rapes, attempted rapes and sexual assaults that the players have committed. Then there is the drug use. It is a racket. A giant mess if you ask me.

The NFL, with all teams combined is said to be worth $74.8 billion.

That is a lot of billions friends. And if you think that the owners of the teams, the average worth of a team is $2.4 billion, has any interest in justice for the women who have been victimized by one of these athletes, you’ve got another think coming. We’ve seen the lengths that Michigan State has gone to in order to cover up their athletes crimes against innocent women, imagine how much more somebody with billions of dollars to lose would go to? To the ends of the earth I’d assume.

Then add to the fact that this year they’ve picked the one, the only, Justin Timberlake, AKA the Janet Jackson bus throwing wimp to perform at half time and it’s a hard no for me. So I don’t watch, instead I do things like this for example; today I’m reading and writing from my back deck, I’m having a lovely massage, which is about to happen any minute now, YAY ME, and I chat with my daughters.

Which is how I also know that this happened.

Kylie Jenner has given birth to her first child, a girl. You know me, I could care less about the family. Probably because, if I’m being honest, I’m a tad bitter about how one woman managed to create a family empire off her one daughter’s sex tape. I can’t imagine that, hell I’m the sort of mother who gets worked up if I think one of my girls has posted a bikini photo that could be considered “too sexy” never mind if they wanted me to help them release their sex tape so we could all get rich. Hell to the no thank you for that. But still, we can’t argue that they’ve taken that, and from that every single Kardashian/Jenner girl has built their own business empire. Especially the little one, Kylie. She took getting her lips injected from being something to help her feel better about herself to building, what is soon to be, a billion dollar empire.

I’m impressed. I look at my girls and wonder; “what hidden secret talent do they have that we could also parlay into a billion dollar business???” Nothing stands out, as of yet.

Anyway, I digress. The point of Kylie Jenner having her baby is this. I don’t hate how she handled it. Unlike the rest of her family, and everything that has happened to them for the eleven years being played out on camera, she chose to “go away” and have her baby. She decided to not allow anybody to photograph her, or be on camera while she was growing her daughter. She opted to do it, as privately as somebody that famous could do it. Watching her video tribute to her daughter and her explaining her reasons why for being pregnant this way, is not only mature, but protective and motherly. And I have to say, I’m here for it. I actually salute her, and have gained some respect for the little mogul. I also have to be completely honest with you all, that when Dominique shared the video that she released about her journey, I got choked up and teared up, a lot. Although I wasn’t surprised, I did call it saying that the minute the baby was born she would resurface and she/the family would determine exactly how the news was shared. And I was right. She announced it when and how she wanted to; therefore controlling not only the narrative, but also eliminating any insatiable/rabid hounding of her and her newborn daughter from the media.

Well played baby Jenner, well played indeed. Mother to mother I wish you both all the health and joy that the mother/daughter relationship can bring to you.

God bless and God speed.

If you, like me, aren’t the least bit interested in the Super Bowl take a few minutes and watch the beautiful, touching tribute/birth announcement here.