These are next level things that make me go "hmmm" actually they've pushed me to wonder WTAF???

Today I have an entire whack of things that not only make me go “hmmm” but actually pushed me over the edge to WTAF posts!! Honestly it never ceases to amaze me the shit us humans get up to, and the things that we think are totally okay. I would bet that I could write a full post for each of these topics but I’m in a mood to post fast and furiously today so they get one paragraph each, and that’s all.

People, WTAF. If you drive into somebody’s car while it’s parked, and your vehicle is in motion. That’s called a”hit and run” and it’s against the law, and you really should leave your fucking phone number on windshield of the car you hit. Especially if you the bad driver, have caused damage to the other innocent by-standing vehicle. I mean come on. How rude are you?? That is somebody’s car, and in the case of my two older girls, cars that they are paying for with their hard earned money. Why should they also have to use some of their paycheck to repair damage done by YOU? The obvious answer is they shouldn’t. But if you, selfish, entitled, take no responsibility for your actions person think they should, then hey, I guess they should.

I know I’ve talked about this so many times before, it’s sort of like I’m beating a dead horse, but seriously what is wrong with parents who like, re-post, and encourage their daughters to behave in hyper, over sexualized ways on their social media accounts. LIKE WTAF? I totally think women should embrace their sexuality, fully. I have zero problem with that. But, to me parents who promote their daughters sexuality, sort of feels like you’re right in their bedrooms with them. I mean, come on. What father re-posts a casual photo (meaning not a modeling shot)of his daughter in stockings and garters??? Like seriously. Would you check out her centerfold in Playboy too if she posted that? It’s weird. It’s creepy. You need to talk to somebody about this, cuz it’s not normal.

Also, I totally do not get the lurk, follow, lurk, delete, repeat sort of people. You realize you don’t need to follow to lurk people, right? Right? I mean save yourself the work of follow, unfollow, follow, unfollow, follow, unfollow. That’s nutty. Like WTAF, do you have nothing better to do in your day, your week, your month, your LIFE? Seriously, what am I doing that is SOOOOOO interesting that you gotta be like that?

Why do I want ice cream every day now? It’s minus 100 with the windchill, yet I’m craving ice cream, so WTAF? I’m not even an ice cream person, I’m a french fry, potato chip, girl. But here I am making myself banana/berry/dark caramel chocolate ice cream bowls weekly. I need to get a grip on this new habit, or else I’m going to gain back every one of those 15lbs I lost, and that’s not okay with me.

This is a giant personal WTAF, men stop reading now. I went 77 days with no painters coming to town, and then out of the blue, from nowhere, BAM I get my f’n period. I dared to dream my friends, I believed too much that the end was near. I take complete ownership for my cocky, arrogant, braggy attitude. I was telling all my girlfriends; “today is 56 days with no painters” or “hey, today is day 72, I’ve passed 60 days which is supposedly a big deal…” Yup, I dared to dream people, and now I’m back in the nightmare of uncertainty. Pray for me. Please.

Donald Trump putting one of his Apprentice contestants on his White House staff? Come on. Really? I don’t care if she’s good at whatever the hell role he’s putting her in, brand management, or whatever the hell it is, I still say PLEASE CUT US A FUCKING BREAK. You’re making us all feel crazy with the staff you’re pulling together, but now a reality television show contestant. WTAF Trump??

What do you think the Obama’s will do next? Do you think they’ll stay in Washington, or disappear for a while?? Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.

Are the Clinton’s seriously attending the inauguration? Is this a real thing? Does anybody know for sure? If you know please message me, cuz this totally makes me ask WTAF?

Kohl has a WTAF himself. He is beside himself trying to figure out where his father has gone…

And that’s it that’s all for the first 2017 compilation post of things that already have me wondering WTAF.