It's never too late to say thank you, and you can't thank a person enough!

Today, as you know is Tuesday, so I’ve decided to write a post about gratitude. I’m calling it my thankful Tuesday post! Today is the first one, and I’m going to focus on all that I’m thankful for about Brianna’s wedding!!

So here goes…

The first person I want to thank is my incredible husband, who works so hard to provide an incredible life for our family. If it weren’t for you Yannick the incredible wedding extravaganza Brianna, Craig and our guests enjoyed never would have happened. I’m grateful for your talent, and your good health that enables you to pull those twelve hour days that gift us with a great many luxuries in life.

A giant hell yeah thanks to my mom for carrying me around for almost nine months, and then putting up with me for the next 47.5 years ; )

The universe for giving us Brianna in the first place. What an incredible teacher she has been for me, I’m deeply thankful every single day for you.

I’m grateful for Craig, for loving Brianna so beautifully, and his kind and gentle spirit. It was such a pleasure to meet and spend time with his family…now I know why he’s so fabulous and lovely!

My sister-in-law Cheyanne, for keeping my head above water with her incredibly positive, kind and loving spirit! Actually she’s always in the front row of my cheering section even when it’s not a crazy wedding time in my life, and I’m thankful for her every single day!

Jenanne, by sister from another mister, who has been with me through thick and thin. Who’s not afraid to call me on my shit, and came in clutch when her husband wouldn’t be MC due to stage fright, and fulfilled the role so beautifully it had me saying; “Mark who?” all night long. Beyond thankful for this one.

Jenni, who was an absolute genius Goddess for every single thing that had to do with the bridal shower, like honestly, all I did was say stuff like; “what about this, or what do you think about that?” and it would magically appear in a text message with a design and a cost. You’re a Goddamn rock-star and I love you!

My West Coast bestie, who single-handedly is the reason why Yannick and I reconciled fourteen years ago. I love you Barbara Jean, there aren’t enough words in the English language to express all the reasons why I’m so thankful for you.

To my sister-in-law Tania who buffered too many near dramas to count, and found a way to make me laugh through every single one. You’re such a phenomenal woman, I love that we get to raise our families “together” and grow old with one another. You’re the absolute best xo

The bridesmaids, Sam, Sarah, Alyssa, Emily, and of course my other two girls; Dominique and Mikaela. Every single one of you made the entire journey to the altar special to Brianna in some way, shape or form. You’re friendship, love, support and humor were beautiful to witness. I feel like I understand the bond you all share with Brianna that much more from the time we got to spend with one another. Thank you for never complaining, and for dipping into your wallets to be a part of Brianna and Craig’s marriage. I love you all.

The groomsmen, Sebastian, Dave, John, Tyler, Troy, and Brooks, whom I sadly didn’t get to spend nearly enough time with, but that I honestly say are some of the most genuine, generous men ever. I see what Craig sees in you, and I’m thankful for the way you made his day so special. Often times I worry that the groom gets sort of “left out” of the wedding, but you all made sure that that didn’t happen here, and for that I cannot thank you all enough.

My dear, brilliant and lovely friend Natasha. Wow. I wish you all knew her, she’s a force of positive, ground moving nature who saved the wedding gown by pulling in her personal shopper, and then saved the budget by insisting I meet her incredible friend and event decor guru Caspar.

Which brings me to him. Caspar, of Caspar Haydar Designs, coming in at the 11th hour to take over decor. The room was magical, all thanks to him. He’s wonderful, and can’t wait to work on the next one together!

Last, but certainly not least is our wedding planner. Bassett Events; Jennifer Bassett doesn’t even do weddings, but she did ours because she’s a friend, and she, along with Carolyn, her number one assistant couldn’t have done a better job. They were angels sent from heaven, and when the day started to have many, many hiccups around 4:30pm, they handled it with calm, cool, and collected attitudes that enabled me to remain level headed and worry free. I’m deeply thankful for both of these women, and if they’ll have us, and if my other two girls want any help with their weddings, whenever they might come; Jennifer and Carolyn best be expecting a phone call from me!

In closing, I’m thankful for all our friends, and family who came from both near and far to celebrate in this important day for us as a family. I love you all, you make my world a better place xoxo SB