To needle or not to needle, that is the question.

There are two distinct sides of the plastic surgery coin.

Those who are for it.

Those who are against it.

If you read my blog regularly then you know that I’m totally that woman who lives by the motto; LIVE AND LET LIVE. So it should be no surprise to you that I feel the exact same way with regards to plastic surgery. If you aren’t down for it, then that is totally fine, don’t do it. I happen to be all for it. I’m 1000% behind, and for plastic surgery. All forms of it, I’m like; “if you can afford it, and you want it, have it.”

I also feel like it really isn’t anybody’s business if you have it, the same way it really isn’t anybody’s business who people love, and want to have sex with. Wait, let me rephrase that statement; you must be only having sex with another consenting, legal aged partner. Moving on. I had my first plastic surgery experience at twenty-six, post two babies…then racked a couple more up while my husband was filming a TV series with Playboy Playmates in California, and I weighed 200lbs after delivering our youngest, Mikaela. I will also confess to you all, that the woman I am today, a confident, secure, mature, knowledgeable woman, would have skipped the two plastic surgeries post Mikaela. The reason I wouldn’t have had them, is because I can see now, that I did them for the wrong reasons, and looking back now I can see that they literally made no difference to my relationship, or my career. But tell that to a twenty-seven year old mother of three, watching the love of her life roll around with young women who’ve never given birth, with fresh implants and hair extensions, all day every day for ten months of every year for three years. Not fun.

So would I go under the knife the way I used to when I was younger, no, no I would not. Do I regret them? Also no. I just know that there was no need for them, and I believe I would still be who I am today even if I hadn’t done the surgeries. I would tell my girls to avoid going under the knife post-babies, because in the end I’m not sure that they really make that much of a difference to your self-esteem, sex life, or career. I also think a proper diet, with a commitment to exercise would provide the same results. It would just, obviously take longer, which means the payoff to having your body back wouldn’t come as quickly as it does when you employ the aid of plastic surgery. So looking back I don’t think I would have done the surgeries.

But, injectables? Those I do. Those I won’t stop doing, unless they prove that it is destroying echo systems, or rain forests, or that small children fill the vials. Then in that case I would have to stop. But until then I will keep on, keeping on in that area of plastic surgery, because really, the last thing I want to go for is a facelift. I’d rather do the maintenance now, so that I might avoid ending up with a face that isn’t mine via a good ole fashioned you end up with skin so smooth it resembles a baby’s bottom facelift. That procedure is a no for me, always a no for me. As for the rest of plastic surgery, in the infamous words of The Beatles…”let it be, let it be…”