How much longer can this go on??

Okay, so I’m loving life, feeling super blessed, wrapping up a six day holiday with our youngest daughter, so fortunate that she actually likes me enough to chill with me, just the two of us all alone on a private island with no way out. It’s very cool, and trust me when I say this, I know there are not many more trips like this left in my mom future. She’s the baby, the one with enough free hours still on her dance card to entertain her mom on such whims. I’m thankful, blessed, and overjoyed at the idea of having one still free enough from the shackles of adulthood to humor me with these sort of last minute holidays. But for how much longer will these moments last?

I ask myself, and Yannick this all the time. The “when will it all stop and it’s just you and me sitting around a table eating dinner quietly?” He doesn’t have the answer either. For now, this last lovely evening of a mother daughter trip, on a beautiful island just the two of us; watching her flip the pages of her latest novel, while answering text messages from my other two daughters, one on the east coast of Canada, the other on the west coast of America, I can sleep peacefully knowing that I still rank, I’m still their “go to” and their confidante. I will sleep tonight knowing that even now they would way rather go on holiday with me, than not. And that my friends, is not a thing that makes me “go hmmm” rather it is a thing that makes me “go AMEN.”