If you had all the money in the world, would you clone a beloved pet?

Guys, have any of you read, or heard about Barbara Streisand cloning her dog???

This is a REAL thing that ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

She so loved her dog, Sammie, that she cloned her.


She had a lab make four clones of her late dog.

FOUR of them. Only three lived, and she gave one of them away, along with a rescue you picked up while waiting for the clones to be ready.

First question. If you so love the dog that you clone it, how do you decide which of the three clones to give away?

Second question. Why get a rescue, make it think it’s found its forever home and then give it away?

Third question. How much does that even cost? Do we think there is any way to find out what something like that might cost? Not because I would EVER do it, also, I’m quite confident I will never in this lifetime have the sort of crazy rich lady money that BS has.

Forth question. Isn’t that totally creepy and playing God? I have a thing in life where I believe we’re born, we have our journey, our purpose, and our time that we’re meant to have here and then it is time to “move on.” I feel this holds true for the dogs in our lives as well. Although you all know how I feel about dogs, they don’t stay with us nearly long enough, and how losing my Kuda broke my heart in a way that I hadn’t experienced before with a four legged kid. If there is such a thing as a four legged soul mate, Kuda was definitely mine.

But clone him???

No. The thought never even crossed my mind. The closest I ever got to immortalizing him was when I thought about taking his ashes and having them made into a diamond that I could always wear. I’ve yet to do it.


Finally, if you read the article http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/barbra-streisand-explains-cloned-late-dog-sammie-article-1.3852747 Babs apparently isn’t the only person out there walking a clone dog. Her friend did it first, and so impressed by that science fiction dog was she, that she just had to do it too.

Okay, well I don’t know Barbara, or her friend, but I hope to God they’re also giving away huge sums of money to people, children, communities, and countries in need. Because the way I see it is, if you have so much money that you can throw, what I’m sure is a small fortune making dogs from your dead dog, then you better be ridiculously philanthropic as well. I just feel like that makes sense to me.

Clone some dogs because you can, and because you can’t, or won’t deal with grief the way the rest of us have to, which means we just have to heal through it. Makes me hope that she and her friend are doling out financial aid for people who have serious needs.

Babs goes on to say in the article; “you can clone the look of the dog, but not its soul.”

No shit Sherlock, it’s because the soul of any living thing cannot be replicated. It is a unique entity set to inhabit that one being, for that one lifetime on planet earth. So, knowing this, and knowing that what one is connected to, whether it is a dog, or fellow human being is in fact the SOUL, why spend the money? Why bother going through with it all? I mean having a dog that sort of looks like your other dog, whom you were deeply bonded and connected to, but might get to you and is an utter asshole, like what if the new dog hates your guts? What if the new dog resents not coming into this world the good ole fashion way, and knowing in its heart of hearts that it was only made so you could continue a relationship with a dog that is no longer alive? I don’t know, I think you just might end up with a dog that pees all over your house? I mean I just have SO MANY QUESTIONS about all of this, that I can’t even put them all to paper or this blog would ten thousand words long.

This one, this has seriously got me going “hmmm” my friends. Damn, I am way creeped out over this. Aren’t you??? Like what’s next? Cloning our kids? Our lovers? Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.