Was all the money I spent on puppy classes a complete waste???

It should be known that Duke is one of eleven. His mother gave birth to eleven puppies. That is an insane amount of pups for a large dog, never mind a mini english bulldog, I call her the Angelina Jolie of the dog world. She is a force of nature, and I love her. All of her babies ended up in two rounds of puppy class together. It was the most adorable thing ever. Adorable, yet incredibly difficult to get any of them to focus in class, because every time they would arrive at the barn, they would go wild with excitement to all be together again. Even in the midst of all the party, and distraction, week after week our boy managed to pull it out, to graduate top of his class, in Level One, and Level Two. He was such a little rock star, and we were beaming, proud parents. Then we would get him home and he was a stubborn, bratty ass. Everything with him, almost each and every day of his life is a fight. He is a man who marches to the beat of his own drummer.

So imagine my surprise when Yannick told me that Duke would be making another appearance on Murdoch. I was stunned. Our naughty boy, really?? Wow. This was last week, and finally today, Duke went to work. He is filming his second episode of Murdoch Mysteries. There are two legged actors in the city who haven’t been on it once, and Duke, the star, is on his second! Nepotism has it’s benefits, even for a dog. His segment is with four other bull dogs, trust me when I tell you, it is the cutest thing you will see on Murdoch Mysteries EVER. Except for maybe the episodes with William and Julia’s baby, from that season…ummmm, whatever season it was. It was super cute, but I think this might be cuter.

Trust me, this episode is beyond cute. You will die. Your hearts will explode when you watch it.

What’s not cute, is watching one of the videos that Yannick made of all the bulldogs walking in a line, then hitting their marks and their “poses.”

All the dogs do it. Perfectly. They hit their marks. And nail their poses. Only one dog didn’t do what it was supposed to do. The dog wiggled, wouldn’t let their “owner” hold their chin up in the air, or stand on its mark. The dog was having none of it. So much so that the movie wrangler had to walk into the shot, correct the dog, and make it do what it had rehearsed doing all day long.

That one dog was our dog Duke.

I was so embarrassed watching that video. I wish I had been on set, I would have stage mom’d the snot out of that dog of ours.

He was so defiant.

He was stubborn.

He was unprofessional.

If he wasn’t the four legged son of the star of the show, I’m sure that Duke would have been fired. In fact, he was so bad at his job today, I think he should be fired.

But tomorrow is another day. It is day two of his two days of shooting, and I hope and pray that my boy will get his shit together and be obedient tomorrow, or he might just get a reputation of being a difficult actor who will not take direction. His whole attitude makes me “go hmmm” and is causing me to question if the money I dumped into him, and all the hours we spent at puppy training was all for nothing.

I guess I’ll have to wait and see the video evidence that Yannick sends me from Friday’s filming day before I jump to any conclusions about that boy of ours.