Am I the only mom who doesn't think Kris Jenner is a mom to emulate???

It would seem from all the messages I received after yesterday’s post about not being in the mood for the season this year, that I’m definitely not alone. Which on one hand makes me happy, but on the other sort of sad. I want to extend my most sincere condolences to everyone who shared with me about how Christmas makes them missed loved ones more than any other time of the year. Losing somebody who is important to you before their time must be the hardest thing to reconcile. I can’t imagine having to do that, I’m blessed that the universe hasn’t dealt me that hand yet in my short time here on earth. And to those who are suffering from illness at this time, I wish you a full recovery, and a new year filled with good health. To the rest of you, those who shared that you’re feeling both festive, and in good health, I will take some of your joy for the season and rub it on myself! Whichever emotional state you find yourself in at this time of year, I thank you for taking the time to share it with me, and may our unified openness about our true feelings help us out of our Christmas funks!

Now on to today’s post…what are some parents thinking? Today I saw a photo of a girl that I know, I know her family super casually, had dinner twice, and have been to their home once; so not friends, but acquaintances. I will say this though, just the few times I was with them, I got the vibe that they had dreams of making it big, and I’m cool with that. It is normal to have aspirations, ambitions, to want more out of your one life. Especially in a town like LA. And I’m an incredibly ambitious woman, I have a long list of things I want to achieve before I kick the bucket, so this post isn’t about wanting more out of your one life. Nor is it about not wanting our kids to potentially rise above us, their parents, because as a parent I totally back believing in your kids, being their biggest cheerleader, and always being in their corner. I totally get supporting your children in all their endeavors, well as long as they’re not illegal. I also get being your kids biggest fan, I’m the greatest fan of my three girls. There isn’t a thing on this earth that I think my daughters can’t do; in fact when they say they can’t I’m often the first person telling them they can. I also happen to believe that our three girls are incredibly talented, beautiful and worthy of every amazing blessing this world has to offer. So, you can see I’m not saying that parents shouldn’t do everything they can to help their kids get what they want out of their one life. In fact, I totally believe that it is our parental duty to assist our offspring in achieving more than we have.

But in helping our kids become more than we are, does this include objectifying them? I mean seriously, in ensuring that they end more successful than us does this include stopping at nothing to achieve it to ala, Kris Jenner? It would seem that Kris Jenner has changed the “stage parent” game. As least back in the day stage parents were pushing kids who had talents, whether it be the voice of an angel, or the ability to embody other characters convincingly on screen. I’m not a stage parent, but I do get why parents of children with exceptional talents would help them get out in front of the world. We’ve always had those types of parents, and now it seems we will now inherit a new crop of “stage parent” the ones who are willing to exploit their own daughter’s sexuality to make a buck. Now, those of you who know me, and have read the better part of my novel Black Picket Fence you’ll know I’m no prude. I think sex is awesome. I also think every single person on the planet has the right to own their sexuality, to be sexy, to feel sexy and to act sexy. This is not what I have issue with when it comes to Kylie Jenner posing, in what I feel is a hyper sexual, and not age appropriate manner, to sell lip kits. Now I’m probably going to come across as a hypocrite with this next statement, but modeling is one thing, even acting in a sex scene, or naked doesn’t bother me quite the same way as this random let me take most of my clothes off and just casually “leave this here” on my Instagram to gain followers, sell some make up, or clothing that seems to be rampant in society these days.

Am I just getting old? Because honestly is this seriously considered the normal method of getting ahead these days? I for one think it’s not. I mean if you’re smart enough to start a cosmetic company, then you must be smart enough to promote it while keeping your clothes on. Right? I for one haven’t seen any photos of Bobbi Brown with her ass taking up the entire screen of my iPhone to sell a lip gloss. Nor have I ever seen Tory Burch in her garters, stockings and underwear to sell her latest clothing line. So what gives 19 year old females? More importantly what gives parents of 19 year old girls using their bodies to sell shit? And not only allowing it, but going so far as to “like” and “re-post” these soft porn photos of their kid? Why??? WTAF??? If my girls ever posted one of these photos, stocking, garters, black bra and panties with an actual red light on, I’d have plenty to say to them. But if they posted it, and then their own father “LIKED” it I would think that we have some serious issues in the family unit.

I’m sorry but that’s just too fucked up for me.

I mean am I alone in my feelings here? Am I the only one who thinks a parents job is to teach their children, especially their daughters to fight against society’s desire to label you, and take you at face value if you’re naturally beautiful and sexy? Am I alone in not understanding a parent who is willing to do anything to get their kid fame, and their family fortune? Like I don’t understand how/why a parent would ever encourage their daughter to sell themselves out sexually to make a buck, or to gain Instagram followers, or sell clothes? Why? Who does this? Or the better question is how much money/fame is worth knowing that you not only backed your daughters desire to get ahead by taking her clothes off, but you actually PROMOTED it? How do parents like this sleep at night? I mean I can see how it would be inviting, Kylie Jenner is 19, posing mostly naked all over the place, and she’s worth an estimated $10 million. So if you happen to have a super cute 19 year old who you’ve trained to stop eating, and she’s game to pose inappropriately for her age, and the shit you’re trying to sell all of a sudden starts flying off the shelf, then why not go for it? Why not see how far you can go, see if you can land that reality TV show you’ve been telling people is going to happen at long last off your daughter’s tits and ass. I mean if it’s good enough for the Kardashian’s, I guess it’s good enough for anybody, right?