Misogyny, isn't just for men these days, is it???

I’ve learned something in these past two months that I must say I’m deeply disturbed by. Actually, I take it back. It isn’t just the last sixty days that I’ve been aware of this issue-what I have witnessed is it spiraling out of control. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always thought that misogyny was a male attitude toward women. Even though my personal experiences throughout life have taught me different. What I’m seeing now on the streets, in the media, and, of course, on social media is stunning. Women have really got it in for other women in a bad, bad way. Or at least this is what it seems like to me.

Many years ago I remember reading an article where Cameron Diaz was quoted talking about her “sisterhood of friends.” Basically she was saying she had a rather large group of “ride or die” girlfriends that she could trust to be there for her no matter what. When I read that I remember distinctly feeling: “huh, wouldn’t that be grand.” I had only a couple of friends like that, not an entire clan. You see, it has been my experience that, unfortunately, women can be incredibly misogynistic toward other women. Or, as my brilliant daughter who studied women’s issues in university has told me, “it’s technically called internalized misogyny.”

For example, what I witnessed with the chatter about how Kim K deserved to be robbed, or that she’s a whore, blah, blah, blah. You know what I observed? Many of the people posting were WOMEN. A lot of the judgement, rage and hatred came from other women.

Social media hatred is something that I too recently experienced firsthand, by some person that I’m assuming is a woman, throwing hate at me, and my three girls. These women don’t know Kim, and the woman who called my daughters and me despicable names knows nothing about us either.

What about the day that psycho attacked my SUV with his water bottle, hitting my arm with such anger that not only did I end up with a large welt, but was bruised for close to three weeks. There were two women with him, who witnessed the entire encounter. Do you what they did when the time came to speak to the police, to tell them what happened? They lied. They lied to come to the defense of a man, who was out of control, abusive, and dishonest. They chose to “protect” him, rather than aid a fellow woman. Those two women, in my belief, after speaking with Brianna, are totally struggling with, or happily living with, depending on how you slice it, “Internalized Misogyny.”

And you know what else I’ve observed, not just in the past six months, but for a disturbing about of time, is there’s an entire generation of young females who are seemingly 1000% comfortable being misogynists. You know how I know this? I know this because it’s right in front of our face. Justin Bieber gets a new girlfriend, she’s threatened on social media, she’s called horrible names, her character not only questioned, but judged, and convicted. All by people, young women who know not one thing about her. It’s brutal. It’s alarming, and it’s wrong.

There was also a time, I do believe it was Demi Lovato, who was on a beach holiday in a teeny tiny bathing suit, as one is wont to do while on a BEACH HOLIDAY. She was dragged across hot coals, attacked in a way that was entirely uncalled for. Not long after, Justin Bieber, again, I use him because he’s Canadian and because there are tons of examples to reference. Anyway, he was photographed with his business out for everybody to see. Naked. Not in a revealing swimsuit, he was buck naked. Do you know what the young women of our future did? After slagging Demi, their “sister” for just being in a revealing suit, they cried out to the photographer who had gotten the shot, wishing that he had ZOOMED IN. Justin wasn’t crucified for being a “slut” an “attention seeking whore” or “talentless pig.” Nope, none of that came Justin’s way. Only Demi got that sort of treatment.

So what gives ladies? What’s with all the hate toward fellow females? I don’t get it, and I don’t want to. You know, everybody says Donald Trump is a misogynist, and he is, there’s no doubt about that. But you know what scares me even more than Donald? I’m way more concerned about all the closeted female misogynists out there who just might vote for him, because of their strong dislike toward any woman in a position of power or authority.

Now this is something that really makes me go “hmmm…”