How many years ago did Vogue magazine cost $0.60?????

I don’t know if this was during your lifetime; but there was a time, when a very young Barbara Streisand, and Goldie Hawn graced the covers, of Vogue magazine. Also during this time, the magazine only cost, sixty cents. Yeah, you read it right…a Vogue magazine, which is on the stands, now, every single month for, $6.99 an issue, could be purchased for a mere sixty cents.


That is a ginormous jump; from sixty cents to $6.99. Damn. The cost of production, honest to God. It must also be known that I’ve spent a good solid hour trying to find out on google, thanks for nothing by the way, when was it that a Vogue issue only cost sixty cents. They gave me everything under the sun, but that answer. Also, I would like to bitch, and complain to Apple about their keyboard…why is there no CENT sign. I have a $$$ sign, but no cent sign. That is f’d up, that is BS. Fix that please, because as a writer I don’t want to have to type cents all the time…

But I digress.

The point of this post about things that make me go “hmmm”, is that we have friends who bought a home seven years ago. They began to do work on it, because as many houses in Toronto, the previous owners had lived there for many years and the house had needs. They had lived there, but hadn’t really cared for/improved the home. So when they bought it, the house was in need of a great many repairs. They signed on the dotted line, and set to make the improvements to the home that they would raise their family in. There was one room in the entire house that they would not touch. Not a wall was to be rebuilt, or to have new insulation installed, nada. This room was to remain intact. The new vanity, and toilet to be installed had to happen with little to zero disruption to the existing room. They were militant about how this room should be preserved. Now that I’ve been to the house, too many times to count, over the last seven years I understand why.

The wife who had owned the home, had a thing with Vogue. She clearly subscribed to the magazine. Not only did she subscribe, she also decided to decorate the front powder room with Vogue cover art. The entire bathroom, every wall, every single square inch of it is covered with original front cover pages of Vogue issues. It is AMAZING. There are covers there that feature an incredibly young Goldie Hawn, and up and coming Barbara Streisand. It’s amazing. It’s ridiculous. I don’t know if anybody else has all these amazing iconic Vogue covers casually displayed in their powder rooms, but trust me, it is impressive. Yannick and I own the table book of all the iconic covers, but I have to ask; do any of you have a friend who has a 4′ x 7′ powder room with some of the most iconic 20th century Vogue covers pasted on the walls with a glue stick.

It’s cool.

It’s special.

It’s surreal.

And I would wager that nobody reading this post knows another living, breathing person with a powder room as beautifully and elegantly decorated as this one.