Male rompers, and other bad fashion trends for men that need to go away.

No men, don’t do it. I don’t care who says it’s cool, or that it’s a hot look, do not ever, never, ever try to rock a man romper.


This is not a thing. The male romper is about as sexy as Crocs are on men.

Which means not sexy at all.

There are many trends that men should just let go of, now. This post has my personal lists of man trends that I wish had never happened, and that I wish would just go away.

  1. The man bun. That’s done, that’s over, either let your hair hang naturally, or if it bothers you, cut it off. But the man bun must go.
  2. The saggy ass pant look, that never should have happened in the first place, but since it sadly did, then it’s high time it went away, forever. I love watching these guys try to walk with their pants hanging down under their ass cheeks, if it weren’t so comical I probably would have made the suggestion earlier, but alas, I have had many laughs at the expense of young men trying to “hustle” across a street with their pants falling down to their knees.
  3. Slogan t’s…have never liked them. Like, what, am I going to let you “inspect” my body because your t-shirt tells me that this is really what FBI stands for?? No, no I’m not my friend, take off the t-shirt. I don’t even like when Yannick wears, what we four girls call “his uniform” which consists of a t-shirt with some sort of bike logo, brand, or riding location on it, with shorts in the summer, and jeans all winter. Stop men. Stop Yannick. What’s wrong with a lovely, plain t-shirt???
  4. The too many buttons left undone on your shirt trend. I don’t need to see the top of your eight pack thank you very much. I also don’t need your shirt to slide open so you can flash me a bit of man nipple. Neither of these things impress me. We’re humans, we all have nipples. We might not all have eight packs, and my jealously is precisely why I don’t need yours thrown in my face.
  5. Velcro sneakers. I think this speaks for itself as to why they must go away.
  6. Ripped jeans on men. I barely like strategically torn jeans on myself, never mind on men. Nope, I don’t want to see a flash of your hairy thigh poking through your torn jeans, or your hairy kneecap for that matter. Please wear jeans that are all in one piece.
  7. While on the subject of nice jeans, there is such a thing as men’s jeans being TOO NICE, as in having bedazzled ass pockets. Nope. Not good. This look needs to die. Men should never, ever have bedazzled ANYTHING. Pockets or shirts. Leave the rhinestones for Liberace boys.
  8. Team jerseys. Last time I checked you did not play for the team. If you’re not ON the team, then you should not, in my humble opinion, rock a team jersey.
  9. Sandals with socks. Actually man sandals at all, are not particularly appealing to me, so if you’re going to hang out with me, leave your sandals at home.
  10. And for the love of God, and our eyeballs, please make the Speedo go away. Unless you’re an Olympian swimmer, or diver, don’t ever, ever wear your Speedo in mixed company.

There are so many more man trends that I could add to this list, but I think I’ll leave you with these, my top ten today, since it is a holiday here in Canada, Victoria Day, celebrated for Queen Victoria, who reigned for 63 years, 7 months, and 2 days. But, Queen Elizabeth has now reigned for 65 years and 3 months, making her the longest reigning Monarch. Which has me wondering, will we stop celebrating Queen Victoria’s birthday once Queen Elizabeth passes, or, will we Canadians get another stat holiday on April 21st??

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…