Is making an Insta-story video, while driving your daughter around, really a great idea???

This truly makes me go “hmmm” and I’m not sure if any of you who read my posts would have noticed this, since we likely don’t follow the same people on social media. But, have any of you seen some of the moms on Instagram who make videos of themselves having full blown (completely non-important, silly)conversations with their kids, as they’re driving, and they are FILMING IT ON THEIR PHONES???

Excuse you. But there is so much wrong with this that I don’t even know what point about how stupid, and irresponsible, this should start this post off.

First, in most States, especially in California, which is where this woman lives, it is illegal. 100% illegal to use your phone while driving your car. So there is that.

Secondly, the mom was asking her child if she should go to Coffee Bean, or Starbucks for your morning coffee? Like who the f*#k cares?? I’m sure her seven year old could honestly care less, and do her followers actually care??? Hmmm??? Then she flipped the conversation to whether or not the kid should play hookie, again, who cares. Are either of these “conversations” worth jeopardizing the life of her daughter, along with the lives of everybody else out on the road? I would ask if it’s worth taking her own life in her hands, but clearly, her Insta story content takes precedence over ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.


Just plain foolish. That’s taking the expression; “do it for the Insta” to a whole other level.

Third, let’s just all agree that it is a piss poor example of teaching a child how to respect/obey the laws of the land. Think about it, parents who do this. You’ve opted to raise them like this, flash forward ten years and this little girl is now a young driver. How does this mom turn around and tell her daughter that she’s not to use her cellphone when she drives? The answer is she cannot. Because her kid will remember all those videos mom made when she was younger, and will call her mother out for being a hypocrite, and after living in Ass Pimple’s America for four of her formative years, she’ll have had just about enough of “taking orders” from a hypocrite.

Then there is, what I feel is the most important part of all of that is wrong with this new trend of moms making videos while driving their kids around; the fact that you’re posting your child on social media, literally without their consent. You’re taking them, and using them for your social media content. I find this so odd, parents who have the bulk of their social media content made up of their kids. Their kids at their sporting events, their kids talking about their hair, their kids, just you know, talking, being kids, doing kid things, stuff that so many other kids have done before these kids. I mean, it is cute, that’s for sure, but it’s also super creepy, and “nothing new under the sun” narcissistic, in my “been there done that” mom opinion. Also, do we think that these parents have asked their kids if they want to help boost their social media following count, or likes? I mean think about it, shouldn’t some stuff just between the parents and their children? Am I weird? Old fashioned? Out of touch with what’s “normal” these days??

I don’t think so. In fact it’s sort of like this cool social experiment. I can’t wait to see these same parents with their now adorable under ten year old kids, who smile, twirl, re-enact moments of their childhood for their parents social media, in five, ten, years. I wonder how much of the teen angst/drama stage of their kids lives they’ll be putting on display for all to see?

My guess would be, not a hell of a lot. So, let’s put the phones down folks, and allow some adorable moments that happen between you and your kids, to happen just between you, and them. Otherwise, I challenge all of you to keeping up that same percentage of content featuring your kids when they’re thirteen to eighteen years old. Deal??

Oh, and one final thing…Friends, my post about Yanny Bissony loving his bikes more than me was a SATIRICAL PIECE. It wasn’t for real. I don’t for five hot seconds believe that he does. Like not one little bit. But you had to go and spoil the fun of my tongue in cheek post by getting all serious about it in the comment section. I love you all, but some of you need to lighten up, and know when I’m posting a cheeky piece, or when I’m posting a true heartfelt concerned post.

xo Love SB