What made me think that taking an adorable insta photo of my niece and me was a great idea 50' in the air??

I love skiing. Skiing makes winter bearable, actually let me rephrase that. Skiing, for me, makes winter flat out enjoyable. I look forward to winter because I know I’m going to get to put on my cute winter gear and get outside to enjoy the brisk, fresh mountain air.

I’m in heaven on the mountain. It is truly one of my favorite types of holidays. We usually take at least one ski holiday every year, and now that we have our place in LA, and thank the Lord that for the past two years Cali has FINALLY been getting snow up in the mountains, we’re able to drive and catch a few days here, and there. It’s been awesome.

With Yannick’s crazy shooting schedules; he finished MMX December 2nd, has not stopped working on his other projects since, we have not been able to get away to Mammoth, or anywhere else to ski. Until this week. This week we’re back at one of our favorite mountains, BIG WHITE, in Kelowna BC. Not only are we at one of our favorite ski hills, but we’re also here to witness his youngest brother marry his incredible fiance. It is a win win for this entire Bisson clan, who have all been on skis since they were two years old. There’s no other place they’d all rather be, than on a mountain skiing all together. We’re even bunking, 15 people to a house, spread out over three units. It is wonderful.

Except for those who stay up late and yammer at the top of their voices in the common space, and also those same people who get up at the crack of dawn and loud yammer, as if they never went to sleep at all, first thing in the morning. For me, this is the only negative to this living arrangement. I won’t name names, but I will say this, they’re the older peeps of the group, and those on east coast time.

But I digress, the true point of today’s post my friends is a life lesson, for not only me, but all of you as well. What I learned today, is this. While suspended 50′ in the air, on a chair lift, wearing bulky ski gloves, is not the time to capture a moment. No matter how cute you and your niece might be at that precise moment in time. It has a 50/50 chance of going badly. And today, my friends, I was on the losing end of the percentile.

Here is something else I learned. iPhones don’t float on snow.

I think it was a combination of factors, 1) the phone had a protective case on it, giving it a bit more weight to it, so when it slipped out of my gloved hand, bounced off my knee, the case had enough extra weight to give the phone some speed. Making it impossible to catch with my ungloved hand. All my niece and I could do was lean over the rail of our chair and watch it land in the snow, DEEP INTO THE SNOW, never to be seen again. We looked at one another and said; “Too bad. That was a super cute photo…”

Then she wondered why I wasn’t freaking out. To which I responded; “Because I have another phone.” Cool Aunt head nod. Impressed niece smile back.

Now the real question is this. Tomorrow, when I get back on the chair lift with phone 2.0 will I have learned my lesson? Or will I attempt to capture more cute photos while suspended on the chair lift??

I guess you’ll all need to tune into my Instagram (shantellebisson) story to find out!!!