I have mad respect for super fans, and their sleuthing skills. I can't even find things on google.

Something that makes me go “hmmm” and not in a disrespectful, judgey way, rather in more like a “where on earth do you find the time way” are super fans.

First off, how do you know where your favorite musician is staying? Like how do you all know to pick the ONE hotel in a city like Nashville where Rick Springfield is staying? I’m his wife’s best friend, and if I’m not stomping around with her at one of his concerts, I honestly couldn’t tell you where in the world Rick Springfield was. Yet, here we are, in a hotel, and there are dozens of women in their Rick Springfield t-shirts, carrying their albums hoping to run into him in a hallway, the lobby, or one of the restaurants. You all must have some amazing time management skills, if you can a) afford to take time out of your day in, day out responsibilities to find him and b) have amazingly understanding partners who don’t mind that you clearly devote a great deal of time to this. I respect you. I admire you. I have some people that I would say are way up there on my list of artists that I admire, that have created music/films that have changed my life; but, I can’t say that the thought ever crosses my mind to make it my mission to find out their home phone number, address, or where they are on the weekends.

I don’t have the time to luxuriate in bed after my alarm goes off, how the hell would I ever find the time to be where one of these people are? The short answer to this is that I cannot.

It’s starting to happen with Yannick too. He’ll come home from filming one day, and say; “so tomorrow I’m going on location for a couple of days, I’m going to miss you…” And then he wakes up at 4am, I stay asleep, I get a good amount of kisses all over, he closes the bedroom door behind him, and I stay in bed, not even knowing where “location” for the next two days is.

I have absolutely no idea where my husband is, but so many of you DO. That is AMAZING. I’m not even being sarcastic in the slightest. I truly wish I had your mad skills of figuring shit like this out. I would make the worst Private Investigator on the PLANET. I can’t even find shit on google guys, I’m not even kidding. But some of you out there in the world, find all this stuff out, and it is IMPRESSIVE.

Count me jealous. Jealous of your mad sleuthing skills. Jealous of your free time, and jealous of your ability to get something checked off your bucket lists, in meeting people you admire, who have impacted your lives. I think that is such an amazing gift to give to yourself. I do wish that I could find the people on my list, who have inspired me to be my best self, or helped me through rough times in my life over the years through their talents, and snap a photo with them.

I say, keep, keeping on with your bad ass sleuthing selves!