Mack has been a super hero from the get go, "letting him go" feels like I've failed him...

Well, friends, you might not be hearing a whole lot from me in the coming days. I know in the past, I had a blog completely dedicated to, and about Mack’s battle with cancer. He was four when he was diagnosed, it was surreal, it was unimaginable to think about the possibility of losing a dog, when he was still a “pup.”

Then he, we, did the unthinkable. We turned a four to six months to live prognosis around, and managed to get him through so many other ailments, that it truly felt like this dog might break some sort of world record for surviving, and thriving, against all odds. I even had fantasies of being able to tell people that; “oh this is Mack, and he is fifteen.”

But sadly, we’re not going to be able to say that. Mack has made it clear, although, like always he continues to fight. It’s just not at all in his nature to quit, to give up, to let go…we begged him when he was diagnosed at age four, to fight, to stay on, to be our dog. We told him that we loved him, that we needed him, that he picked us, that we loved him, and we didn’t want him to leave. And so he hasn’t. He didn’t leave when he had to have his spleen removed, he didn’t leave when he got thyroid cancer, no matter what health ailment has been thrown at him, he has stayed. And stay on he will continue to do. If WE let him.

But, we must be brave, we cannot allow him to be hand fed, we cannot watch him lay on a bed, all day every day, because he has incredible difficult time getting up on his own. We must do for him what he needs us to do, we must let him go.

So friends, I’m just not feeling cheeky, or opinionated right at this moment. I’m feeling quiet, private, and sad. I don’t know when I might post again, quite possibly something wonderfully entertaining, or shocking, will cross my path and force me to write a “daily musing” but I can’t be sure when that day will be, because for now, I’m sorry, it’s just not there.

I’ll be back.

Lots of love,