Love vs hatred, who's really in the lead???

I love life. I love my husband. I love my children. I love my dogs. I love my friends. I love the planet. I love, love. And why wouldn’t I? Love is so rewarding, fulfilling, and beautiful.

But love is not easy, so I get why some people give up on her.

And not all of us have love, so I understand why the lack of love can embitter a person.

Which makes me wonder, is it because it is much easier to hate than to love that our world seems to have so much more of that than love? You know at the end of the day, when you’re in bumper to bumper traffic and somebody has their indicator on, and wants to come over in front of you, what is your first reaction? To my shame, mine is often; “I’m so tired of being in this traffic, I just want to get home.” That I have to fight with myself to lead with love, to give way and let that person get home too. Or when I’m fighting with my husband, and he’s got my number, I have been known to not argue in a way that is led by love, in my quest to “come out on top” I’ve often forgotten that the only way anybody really wins, is to do so with love. It can be so much easier to NOT choose love in small ways, day in day out, that maybe, just maybe, we get into patterns of not leading with love, that eventually hatred begins to build. And could it be, that with this combination of building patterns of not choosing love, and the lack of love that some feel in their lives cause people to take their disappointment, their jealously, fear, and anger out on those who seem to freely love as a sick twisted way to somehow level the playing field of life?

I don’t know, the answer. I don’t know why people hate so passionately that they feel validated in taking from another human the basic right to live. It truly makes me go hmmm.

I do know this though, it seems that just like love really is everywhere, hatred is not that far behind her. Breathing down her neck, hot on her heels to take the lead in life in her attempt to make the world a place overflowing with hate, instead of love. I for one, am not going to fall for it. I refuse to take the bait. I will not be told to fear for my life, my safety, my freedoms, my rights, because some madman might be lurking just around the corner filled with hate, and on a mission to cause the world to believe, momentarily, that hate is winning the war.

And when I turn on the news, which I’m loathe to do, since the media is at the forefront of trying to convince us that hate is in the lead, I choose instead to focus on all the love that I still see. The coming together of people from different walks of life, to remind those filled with hatred that love is not going anywhere. That even though we may wobble in our faith, even if we might cry tears of pain for the lives lost, or fight with our partner, and say cruel or hurtful things when we’re having a bad day. These are all momentary lapses in our belief that love really is everywhere, and love will prevail as it has done over, and over again.

So when I lay my head down tonight, I will remind myself that today I choose love, and I will do the same tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that, until hatred begins to lose her steam, and her grip on the few who walk with her, and the world will once again be basking in love. I choose to believe that there are way less people overcome by hate, than overflowing with love.

Much love,