A love note to my friend, and champion Tessa Virtue, and her partner, Scott Moir.

I feel I’ve been a bit of a Debbie Downer for quite a few posts running, between my dogs illnesses, this super odd time in history, even Stephen King said that this was “The ugliest first week of a presidency in the history of the American republic…” I figure it’s time to lighten shit up around here.

So let me take a moment to brag about my incredibly talented, ass kicking, rock star friend and her skating partner Scott Moir! Did you all hear that they broke records at the Skate Canada competition last weekend??? Their short program became a Canadian record, with a 84.36…prepare to have your minds blown. Their synchronicity is INSANE. Don’t believe me, watch it for yourselves…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clgzyP6BaFk

You have to watch their long program…that opening sequence in the first fifteen seconds of their skate is breathtaking. Personally it brings to mind that iconic scene when Renee Zellweger says to Tom Cruise’s character, Jerry Maguire; “you had me at hello.” Ummm, Tessa, Scott, you had me at; pick Tessa up, swirl her around your body so gracefully, effortlessly, sensually within the first fifteen seconds of your long.

But, sit back folks, that’s literally JUST THE BEGINNING. The way their legs are at the exact same height as they glide along the ice, the way they spin in unison, and perfect timing with one another, as if they are one body. I’m in awe, and have such mad respect for these two, and not simply because they’re Canadian, but because they are rock star athletes. I’m Canadian so I can skate. I’m able to do so in both figure skates, and hockey skates. I was also a professional dancer, so I know how to move, keep time, and stay on the right foot at the same time.

But, my friends…I would never even consider combining the two. Like NEVER. EVER. Not even with a gun to my head. Okay, maybe with a gun to my head I would give it a whirl. But these two. Holy hell. Wow. Perfection. Honestly. I cannot.

I cannot believe how frigging talented they are.

I cannot believe how beautifully, and flawlessly they skate with one another.

I cannot believe that they they make it look so easy. I watch them, and I seriously believe that maybe, just maybe I could lace up a pair and try some of those moves.

No. No I could not.

But you see the lure, the smoke and mirrors trick here? Their beautiful, effortless skating makes a damn fool, like me, believe for five hot seconds that I just might be able to pull it off. Don’t believe me, watch their performances for yourselves, and then tell me if it doesn’t inspire you to want to get up off the couch, grab a guy and go try some of these moves at home.

Bravo Tessa and Scott, bravo. I know we still have a little ways to go, but I’m seeing Olympic Gold with your names on it. I mean after setting the world record at the Grand Prix of Figure Skating in November 2016, I say it’s yours for the taking, so…GO GET IT.

So much mad love and respect to my friend Tessa, and the equally amazing Scott, whom I do not know

xoxo Shantelle

p.s watch their long program here…sorry there’s no music, some copyright bullshit…insert eye roll here! It might play for those of you in Canada, maybe it’s because I’ve been watching it in Cali that it won’t give me the music. Not sure. Do try it for yourself though. Pay extra close attention around the 1:50 mark where Scott picks her up and whirls her around his neck (while moving at probably 20kms/hour) like some fabulous Parisian scarf. Except she’s not, she’s a human being. She’s a rock star athlete, and he’s just flinging her around his body like I do with my spaghetti noodles on my fork.

WTAF?! Damn T & S…DAMN! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDpRAiuZECs