Love and believe in yourself, and, I'd like to state for the record I never said "bad parents make murderers."

A short post today, had a full day, mostly taken up with seven hours dedicated to going to the Warner Brothers lot to watch Candace, and the Fuller House cast tape an episode. So here are a few things on my mind today before I go to sleep…

  1. You know who you are. You need to stop saying that everybody hates you. Nobody hates you. If broadcasters, magazines, online, or otherwise don’t want your work it doesn’t mean that they hate you, it also doesn’t mean that you’re not an excellent writer. It simply means that NOW is not your time. It doesn’t mean that it will NEVER be your time. Trust me, this was, and even now continues to be the hardest pill that I have to swallow. I want it NOW, but sometimes now isn’t the time. When you’re told no it simply means that, that piece, that show isn’t want they, or the universe, needs right at that moment. Don’t be disheartened my friend, and for certain don’t let their “no’s” dull your spirit, your passion, your craft. Keep writing. Keep trying, and more importantly keep believing that the urge to write was set upon your heart for a POSITIVE reason. You weren’t given this talent so that it could torment you and bring you angst. Trust in this, trust in yourself, and for the love of God STOP TALKING SO NEGATIVELY TO YOURSELF AND ABOUT YOURSELF. Manifest something better for yourself by talking to yourself more lovingly. xo
  2. People. Stop drawing comparisons to things I “hmmm” about that are such a reach that their literally on another continent. I never wrote that bad parents, create sociopaths, who murder. You drew a comparison suggesting that I suggested that bad parenting creates a person who murders not just one person, but a person who actually murders MULTIPLE people, in your own words a serial killer. Ummmm. What??? I’ve addressed this in a few tweets, but 140 characters really doesn’t do the entire thing justice. Let’s just get this straight, and let me say for the record: A PARENT CANNOT CHANGE THE CHEMICAL MAKE UP OF ONE’S BRAIN. This is NOT a parent’s job. This is the job of a qualified professional, or in some cases multiple professionals. A parent is not qualified to deal with, or navigate the landscape of a person with sociopath tendencies, nor is a parent responsible for somebody who ends up being a serial killer, unless of course said parent was a serial killer themselves and took their child(ren) out on murdering sprees with them. Such is the case in Drew Barrymore’s TV series, Santa Clarita Diet. But if a parent isn’t doing that, then they have very little to do with a person growing up to kill people. Murdering people is not a taught/learned behaviour. Bullying IS. And, actually, thinking over your tweet, what you did was sort of like “online” bullying, was it not? On anti-bullying day??? I mean, it was a little teeny-tiny bit, IMO.
  3. To my sweet, sweet reader, you know who you are too…who suggested that I consider becoming a life coach. That will NEVER, EVER HAPPEN. a) I’m too mouthy b) I’m too impatient and c) I’m still such a work in progress, that I have not a leg to stand on to get on a soap box and pretend to tell people how to better live their, achieve, their best lives and so on, and so on, and so on. I’m great in small spurts of this, as you’ve witnessed by reading my blog. You’re not wrong in suggesting that I’ve overcome a great many things, raised incredible young women, and some how, in all my insanity built a successful marriage. But, to take people’s money in order to aid them in doing the same? I think I’ll stick to my blog, and short non-fiction books on the matter, rather than delving into ongoing relationships, where I meet with somebody weekly to guide them through this tricky thing, called life!

In closing for today, keep this in mind: you already have everything you need inside yourself to achieve all the things you dream of achieving, it starts with a seed of faith, that you literally water daily by telling yourself that your dream is there for a reason. Once you believe this, then do one thing every day to overcome your doubt of making it so. It doesn’t haven to be a big thing, in fact it is much more effective if you do small things daily…after all, a baby doesn’t stand up and walk the minute it decides to. It begins with rolling over, then sitting up, then scooting, then crawling, then walking along coffee tables, until EVENTUALLY, that baby is walking. Do this with whatever is holding you back, and before you know it you will be running/soaring over all those things that you used to hold you down.

That’s it that’s all for today my lovelies, see you on your computer screens tomorrow!

Love, love, love,