Do I like watching my husband, my lover, my person make out with actresses???

You’ve asked for my thoughts on this so I’m going to give them to you.

But first I want to start with the very real question: “How would YOU feel about it?” It really seems like a “no-brainer” and not at all something that should make you go “hmmm.” Apparently it does though, so I’m happy to grant you with my response.

I compare watching my husband make out, pretend to be in love, and on the very rare, few and far between occasions where he has had to actually fake sex with an actress in a scene, like going to the dentist. It’s a nuisance, it’s uncomfortable, for some it’s even a little bit scary, but it’s necessary and feels so good once your teeth are all clean and your mouth feels brand new. I feel that way about Yannick making out on camera. I don’t like it, but it pays my bills, and provides me with financial freedom, so in the end my discomfort pales in comparison to the payoff.

Now you have my thoughts on the topic, let’s break down the “science” behind it. Part of having a physical reaction to a person is making contact with that person. For example, for women it’s difficult to have a sexual reaction to a man simply by looking at him. Whereas if he puts his arms around you with the “intent” to create intimacy with you your reaction is totally different than if you hug a person to say good morning. If you hug somebody with the idea that the hug is going to turn into a romantic/sexual kiss/sex, I’m no scientist, but I would guess that it releases a totally different chemical reaction in you than a platonic friendly “how are you doing” or “nice to see you hug.” I believe our body and mind work in tandem in these situations. If you don’t feel/think sexually about somebody then your body won’t react. When you switch that around, either you find the person you’re hugging attractive, or you’ve not had sex in a long ass time and hug a person you might have slight sexual attraction to, your body will respond with desire. I don’t believe you can get the body to react if there’s zero attraction there.

All that being said, I’m no fool. There is the “forbidden” aspect to physical touch. There’s also the “this is new” natural physical reaction to kissing somebody you’ve never kissed before. When lips touch “new lips” whether it’s acting or not, I would bet my last dollar there is a natural physical reaction regardless of whether or not consciously Yannick, or whomever the actress is playing opposite him are the least bit into one another. It’s science. It’s human nature. It’s how we’re designed so that the world will continue on, by getting us to the next step of sex, and therefore pro-creating. Bodies react to bodies. Period end of story. I get it. It makes sense to me, and it doesn’t upset me, because it is human nature.

What does suck is if/when it goes too far. For example like Brad and Angelina. Worked together, had very intense sexual tension that they had to act upon because it was how the movie was written. It was in fact the entire driving force for the story of Mr & Mrs Smith. So think about that. If each and every day you wake up head to your job and all day long you are supposed to be wildly, dangerously sexually charged to your co-worker, you have to “pretend” to feel this way all day long for MONTHS on end, what do you think your brain is going to end up doing, eventually? I believe your subconscious mind will totally convince your conscious mind that you really do want to have hot, throw down angry sex with the other person. And that my friends is exactly what happened there. You all know I’m not a psychiatrist, or psychologist, but I’ve read enough books about how the subconscious mind works that I’m fairly certain if you tell your brain to be attracted to somebody, tell it that you desire that person, that you want to have sex with that person and you have physical contact with them eventually your brain will say; “Hey she/he’s HOT I really want to show them what I can do between the sheets!”

I think it’s a recipe for disaster. I also think it’s super important to have a strong healthy relationship, and a strong healthy mind that knows the value and worth of your partner. To be in touch with the fact that acting is MAKE BELIEVE. That your body’s physical reaction is NOT an emotionally one. That your body and your soul can have independent responses to the same situation neither wrong, just different. The trouble comes when you don’t remind your body that its reaction isn’t truth. The real truth lies within your soul and what it feels about it all.

We’ve all seen the stories and headlines of couples who fell in love while filming a project with somebody who wasn’t their spouse. That my friends happens when the brain is being lead more by their body than their souls, or when whatever is going on at home isn’t going well. Remember what I said before; “You can’t steal somebody from another person who doesn’t want to be taken.”

So even though I’d rather have my toenails pulled off than have to watch my man roll around, or profess his love to an actress on camera, I’m fully grounded in the knowing that his soul is connected with mine, and we’re all good.

Now you can stop asking, and for the love of God stop fantasizing about him really being in love with his female long term co-stars, because he’s not. Like not even a little bit. Never has been. Not one of them. This little known fact also includes his Sue Thomas F.B.Eye costar. In fact they barely liked one another, but you didn’t get that sense at all when watching it, did you? No you did not. You didn’t because, hello ACTING. They’re acting as though they are in love. They’re pretending to care about the other person in a loving way. It’s work my friends. It’s their jobs. They get paid to do it, keep that in mind.

Hopefully I’ve answered this burning, pressing question for you all, and not just managed to give you a whole new pile of things to go “hmmm” about???