Life is precious, life is beautiful, and sadly, tomorrow is not a guarantee.

It is becoming increasingly more difficult to write this blog. When I came up with the idea of it almost eighteen months ago it was meant to be a daily blog of lighthearted things that I come across in my daily life that make me go “hmmm…” Tongue in cheek shit, with the occasional serious, “well what are our thoughts on this” sort of posts. But as time goes on, and the world seems to be going to hell in a hand bucket, it is making the task of writing “light and fun” more difficult to do. It seems like every week there is a mass shooting, like today in Northern California, combined with some terrible natural disaster where thousands are injured, and many more left homeless, and every GD day there is #45. What the hell am I supposed to write about when these sort of things are happening out in our world, to our fellow humans. It feels disrespectful to be flippant, and frustrated about traffic issues when so many people won’t ever hold their loved ones again. But then the other side of me thinks; don’t we all need to escape from these never ending heart break stories and a US government hell bent and determined to do nothing to stop or change them from happening??

So today, in honour of all the lives lost in Iran/Iraq I’m not going to complain about silly things. Today I will instead wish that, in a place where they are already so behind the eight ball in this thing called life, thanks to all the wars waged…internally or that we have committed against them. I will pray that loved ones find those who have been missing, and that some way, some how they recover from the most devastating earthquake they’ve had in many years. My heart is broken for the loss that so many have suffered, and I pray that the Province of Kermanshah is able to rebuild. Although looking at photos of the utter destruction I’m not sure how, and if/when they do how long it will take them…but I will still wish it for them.

And I truly cannot with the gun problem they have in the US. Yet another another pissed off man with semi-automatic weapons driving around a small rural community, Rancho Tehama Reserve, shooting at anybody and everybody, that innocently crossed his path. I only have this to ask…why do all these crazy sons of bitches end up dead, “off the hook” from paying for their crimes while everybody else is left to try and put the pieces of their lives back together? Left to deal with the PTS, the fear; children being rushed inside of their school, thrown under desks a couple be shot through the walls anyway; this is NOT A NORMAL CHILDHOOD ACTIVITY. A little boy wounded in the back seat of his car and witnessing his mother suffer “very life threatening injuries.” Like how are all these children, all these people who every single week are caught in the cross fire of the fucked up gun laws of America supposed to move forward in life, of healthy and sound mind? I truly worry about the long term effects on all the innocent people who literally now have to go make sense of being shot at while going to school, or to the movies, or just about fucking anywhere anymore in America. It is wrong. It is weird. It is enough already. It must stop. It just must come to an end.