Letting cops go?? WTAF.

Ok. So today it was super challenging to chose only one topic that is making me go “hmmm”.

Why you ask? Well because so much dumb shit has happened just in the last twenty-four hours that I CAN’T EVEN. There are simply just too many good “scratch my head moments” that I could muse about, that I’m overcome with opportunity, and it’s freaking me out. Especially because yesterday was a struggle.

But, after much mulling it over, and much consideration I have decided that the thing that I simply cannot wrap my brain around the most today, isn’t the baby who lost his life because his parents didn’t obey a “NO SWIMMING SIGN.” I mean to me it doesn’t matter if the sign said “because of alligators” “rip tides” or NOTHING AT ALL. It simply said DON’T and they DID. And the person who paid the highest price for that disobedience, is the child. It is a sin, and a shame, that I cannot even with.

It’s also not Donald Trump, who continues to amaze with his nonsense and stupidity, yet gain followers…another big I CAN’T EVEN for me.

Instead what I’m musing about today is the “leaked” information that Toronto is considering cutting the jobs of 450 uniformed officers to make up for a shortfall of $25 million dollars.


And for those of you who don’t know what that stands for, it stands for What the Actual F*#K.

Excuse me? We’re wanting to cut uniformed officers when gun crimes in Toronto are ON THE RISE?

We want to cut officers when the population, thanks to the non-stop hideous ginormous condos that go up each and every day, is on the rise?

Why?? Like who’s idea is this anyway?? Who is in charge?? We’re one of the highest taxed people on the planet, what the F*#k is our local government doing with all these tax increases?? Find the money, or take it from somewhere else, like oh I don’t know, publicly funded IV treatments.

Because I for one can’t imagine the shift in safety cutting uniformed officers will create in, what feels like to me, a city on the brink of no longer being “safer than a lot of big US cities.” Which, also for me, isn’t exactly a comforting target, I mean to simply not be as dangerous as other dangerous cities shouldn’t really be our goal, should it??

And I’m out,