Let's not call them Nazi "sympathizers" let's call them assholes.

It’s been a busy weekend around the Bisson ranch, when I’m blessed enough to have the entire Bisson 5 under one roof I go off the grid, combined with the fact that there is very little good news to be had on the internet has put me behind on the hot topic stories of the past few days. Which means I’m just coming up to speed on the New York Times article on Tony Hovater, who the writer of the piece referred to as; “the white nationalist and Nazi sympathizer.”

Excuse me?

Is this what we call people like this these days? We call them sympathizers??? We don’t just call them what they really are which are backward heartless assholes. They support the genocide of millions of Jews. This is something to be sympathetic toward, or to be in support of, to be a backer of. How?? Or better yet; WHY? Why are there people who still think that this horrible thing that happened was a good thing? Never mind that, I mean my grandmother was German living in Nazi occupied Germany when it was all going down, and she was not alone in believing that Hitler was doing right by the German people. Don’t get me started…I don’t agree, nor do I understand how or why she thought that. The only thing I remember her saying over and over again was; “we were poor and starving, with no jobs, he brought it all back for us.”

She made no mention of the holocaust, or the horrific cost Hitler’s ideals had on the German Jews. Nor did she even seem that tormented, from what I could tell, about her brothers being killed by bombs being dropped on them while they walked home from school. It is unimaginable how one could ever be a Nazi sympathizer knowing just these few facts about his reign of terror. But there were plenty back then, and it seems that we’re seeing a mini resurgence of them today. Middle class white people who are upset enough to try to bring back the ideals of a mad man. But what are they exactly upset about?

It seems, according to the New York Times article (read it here if you haven’t already https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/25/us/ohio-hovater-white-nationalist.html) that these white folks are upset by; “Jews run the world of finance and media and; ‘appear to be working more in line with their own interests than everybody else’s.'” So now the subject of the article and his group (many of who were at the Charlottesville rally) have their mission which is; “to fight for the interests of White Americans.”

What? Come again? Don’t we, white people, already have, if not all the rights and privileges of the world, we certainly have the lion’s share of them. What interests of ours do we still need help reclaiming? Did I miss something? Are we oppressed in any way? Are we often not considered for a job because of the colour of our skin? Are we told by the government that we can’t vote, have loans, or are we unjustly targeted while driving down the road with a broken tail light because we happen to be white?

The short answer to all that is that we’re not. And there will never come a day as long as your skin is white where you’re likely to be turned away from an establishment because of your race. It’s just not going to happen. So since we already all know this to be true then what the hot fuck in hell do we need any group out there “fighting for the interests of white people.” The answer is we do not. Us white folks are doing just fine.

I feel bad for the New York Times because, if what the editor and the writer are both saying is true, their goal was to shine a light on the elephant in the room. To let “normal” Americans, the Americans that are not backward Nazi supporters, come to the realization that there are some of these people living among them, and that their numbers are increasing. They were attempting to shine a light on a dark topic, but, the minute you cover it with flowers and fluff, which I’ve read all the articles the original one, and then the National Editor, Marc Lacey’s follow up piece explaining their reason why the article came to be. In my opinion they blew it, the tone was all wrong, they made it sound like the subject of the article was asking other “normal Americans” to come join his car club or something harmless. At no point did they call him, or his group out at all for being the foot soldiers behind the notion that we need to have a racial cleaning out of America. Where was the shock? Where was the disbelief at how casually this guy talked openly about Hitler being a hero? They didn’t write that article at all. Not sure what the writer Richard Fausset was going for, but whatever it was, even he admits he never found it.

Which brings me to my thing that makes me go “hmmm” portion of this blog; if you went back time and time again looking for the answers to your piece Richard, and never found it, then why publish the piece at all? I mean I’m just a blogger and if I read back a simple blog that maybe 1000 people are going to read and I can’t see the reasons “why” or the “soul” of the post then you know what I do Richard, journalist, and paid writer? I scrape the entire post. I just hit delete. Which is what you should have done on this senseless, backward, confused article that not only you decided to hit “publish” on but everybody else above you did as well.

What on earth were any of you even thinking???