How is that the law seems to work in favor of those who stand on the hairy edge of provocation?

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, I’m not a Kardashian fan. In fact we’ve had family fights over that family, to the point of me leaving restaurants because I just can’t get on board that K Train. So knowing this about me, it still has to be said that I truly feel badly for Rob Kardshian, I really do. I wrote an entire article about people raising their boys to be good men, and I’m not saying that Rob is a good man, I mean who posts his lovers nudes all over social media to get back at her when she slights him? But people need to raise decent women too. Not women who will target a vulnerable man with past mental health issues.

We all know; if you give somebody nudes 9/10 in a break up they will be used against you. I’m not saying this is okay, I’m just saying have we learned nothing over the years? Some men will stop at nothing to “ruin” a woman after he’s scorned, especially one that is not a stable man, that’s for certain. Which brings me to my point. I don’t think Rob Kardashian is “all there”, and I’m confident I’ll get a ton of flack for saying this, but he got targeted, and then played by Blac Chyna. I mean, all the signs are pointing to the fact that she knew he was a vulnerable human, and she knew she could get back at the family, specifically Kylie, who was dating Chyna’s baby daddy, Tyga, via Rob.

I think she knew it, I think Kylie knew it, hell I think everybody knew it but Rob. And now there is this massive mess, and right in the middle of it is a beautiful little girl, Dream.

From what I’ve witnessed via tabloid media, and through my girls, two of whom are fans of the family, this woman, Blac Chyna knew precisely what she was doing when she went after the brother of Kylie. The entire family tried to stop it, to no avail, and now we have this. Two abused parties, he by her, she mentally, and apparently there is video footage, physically as well. Of course he abused her. The “relationship” was a toxic mess from the get go. The entire “relationship” was built on lies, revenge, Blac Chyna’s against Tyga and the entire family actually, with two mentally unsound people at the helm.

Whatever could go wrong??

I mean who does that to another human being? I get he wouldn’t leave her alone. I get he wouldn’t let her “move on” with her life, and he harassed her, bothered her, and as she says “poked, and poked, and poked until she popped” causing her to finally “snap” and send him the video of her naked in bed with another man. Which I’ll point out came on the heels of her sending him nudes of herself just a couple of days earlier. So I see where Rob might be confused by the status of their “relationship.” End of June he’s still getting nude photos of his lover, and then by the 4th of July he’s getting a video of her in bed with this other man. My husband is mentally sound and stable, and I have a pretty good idea of how he would react to this sort of behaviour by me, so imagine how inappropriately a man who doesn’t have the same social cues might respond. Well, I think we have our answer. Not well, and not within the confines of the law. I understand why Rob was upset, he thought this woman was going to be his wife. Regardless of their “relationship”, she is and always will be the mother of his little girl, and he’s not mentally “well” there is plenty of documentation of him being hospitalized for precisely this.

So the question on everybody’s mind is what did Blac Chyna expect his reaction to be???

I’ll tell you what she expected, she expected precisely the reaction she got, so she could get what she really entered the “relationship” for. Money. Lots and lots and lots of money. Not money that Rob has, but that his family has. And unless you’ve all been living under a rock for the past ten years, you would know that the Kardashian’s now have “can’t spend it in one lifetime money.” And my guess is Blac Chyna wants as much of it as she can, and thanks to Rob being the weakest link of that family, I can only imagine how much of that it’s going to take to get this ex-stripper, ex-prostitute to go away. I was going to write quietly, but I have a sneaking suspicion that quiet and Blac Chyna don’t go together. It should be interesting to see how all this plays out, and in the end, who ends up with baby Dream, the innocent one smack dab in the middle of it all. I’m figuring Kris will fight for her, but only time will tell.

In Kayne’s famous words: “I AIN’T SAYIN SHE’S A GOLD DIGGER…”