Ladies, do we really believe God is female???

First let me begin by wishing my American peeps, especially my youngest American daughter, a very happy fourth of July!

Second, please forgive me for this super short post…but I have much to do now that I’m home. Am I the only person who finds you need a vacation from your vacation? It seems to me that it takes me days to prepare to leave on a trip, paperwork, bills, etc, etc, etc and then the exact same on the other side of a holiday. Which leaves me wondering how can I drop back into my day to day life post vacay with less stress?? Jesus, here we go again, a post within a post…I need to stop doing that!

The real post for today is, why do some women insist on saying “SHE” after somebody refers to God as “HE”??? I’m all about the equality ladies, although I must confess I’m more traditional, in that I’ve enjoyed being able to stay home and raise my children, while Yannick left the house each day to “slay dragons” for us. I also wait for him to open doors for me, and all that traditional, old fashioned stuff, which because I’m in a rush I will refrain from writing out in full. But whatever your mind can imagine as a woman being traditional in a marriage, think me. This alone is not the reason why I think women need to stop trying to make God a woman.

Why I don’t for a second believe that God is female, is because there’s just no way, no way at all, that any other woman would put a fellow female through all the shit we go through in this lifetime. Periods EVERY SINGLE MONTH. I would never do that to a girlfriend. We carry the babies, DELIVER the babies, and nurse the babies? What woman in her right mind would put all these burdens upon her sister?

None. Not one of us would do this to another woman.

Just think about it, over your glass of wine this evening, or your coffee, or whatever you do when you read my musings…I’m telling you, how in the world can we, women, think even for a minute that another woman would do this to us???

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.