You all know they haven't figured out how to do brain transplants, right???

Listen, I think by now we’re all aware that the brain is the only part of the human body they haven’t figured out how to replace, replicate/transplant. It is delicate, fragile, and really fucking important. I’ve talked about my respect for the human brain, and how we must protect it in past blogs, the one about cyclists who don’t wear helmets. I’m not going to take the time to go find that post, but it was one of the first, so probably in and around the July archives. Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I don’t get it. Why would anybody not want to take every measure to protect the one thing on their body that cannot be easily repaired by modern medicine. Like, what are they doing? I can tell you one thing they’re definitely NOT doing; they’re not USING their brains. Which got me thinking…maybe those people out there who don’t respect their brains in the first place, wouldn’t be that upset if they suffered a brain injury??

I would never wish this on anybody, since I’ve known a few people, close to me who have suffered brain injuries, two already in this calendar year. None of the people I know sustained their near fatal brain injuries because they were riding a bike, or in the case of Yannick’s ENTIRE adult family, skiing and snowboarding this past week, without helmets on. No, the people I know who’s lives have been forever altered, due to brain injuries were literally just living their lives, and will never be the same again.

The brain is important, and should be respected. Why on earth a grown ass human, or in this case nine adults out of twenty of us were not wearing helmets is beyond me. It is just flat fucked up. Keep in mind, within the twenty of us, five of those were kids, which means the bulk of the “adults” were being dumb. Dumb because Natasha Richardson, Liam Neeson’s wife died from hitting her head on a bunny hill. If you’re not a skier, a bunny hill is literally flat. It has the slightest pitch, if any at all, that you can physically learn to ski on. It is meant for babies. There is nobody going fast on a bunny hill, and most of the occupants of the hill are under three feet tall. There is typically no danger here. Not like the rest of the mountain, where there are black, double blacks and people in it to win it. Then we have Sonny Bono, who died one week after Michael Kennedy died skiing without a helmet. They both hit trees. Here is the thing about heads and trees, if you hit one, it will always, always win. You don’t stand a God damn chance in hell of surviving making contact with a tree with your skull. In 1992 Tony Danza almost didn’t survive a ski accident. Skiing is a dangerous sport that must be approached with respect, skill, and all the safety equipment you can wear while participating. I don’t care how awesome you think you are, to me skiing without a helmet is like driving your car without your seat-belt on. You might know what you’re doing at all times, but you can’t possibly know that every other driver on the road with you is paying attention, or not drunk driving. You take precautions to protect yourself against others who might not be being as cautious as you when you drive a car, so why wouldn’t you do the same thing when skiing, or biking?? It makes no sense when people respond to my query as to why they don’t wear a helmet with this, or some version of this; “I know what I’m doing, I’ve been skiing a very long time.” You know what? I knew what I was doing too when my husband skied over the back of my skis causing me to come to an abrupt stop on the hill, falling backward and smashing the back of my head off the hard as rock icy mountain. I, was wearing a helmet, because I always wear a helmet. I had a severe headache for two days after. It’s not you, it’s everybody else around you.

My personal favorite about adults who don’t wear helmets when cycling or skiing is that they participate in these sports while hanging out with their kids. Which truly makes me go “hmmm.” Let’s get this straight; you have your kids melon protected, but you’re totally cool with not protecting your own? It’s so clever. I mean if I were to ski into a tree, or get hit by a car, I would totally want my kid to bear witness to my brain being smashed in with blood everywhere, I would so want that to be the last thing my child ever saw of me. It’s such a beautiful visual to leave a young child with for the rest of their lives. Don’t you agree???