When kids are involved, I always opt for the less is more tact.

Hello!! I AM BACK.

How has everybody been?? I’ve been whooping it up all over California. It all began on the 11th with a couple days stay-cation in LA, then a drive up to Carmel By the Sea, which is a place I’ve always wanted to go to. The entire Cali road trip was capped off with two full days at Big Sur. Honestly, pinch me, I think I’ve been living in a dream since December 26th. Ten days in Thailand, quick turn around in Toronto before landing at our place in Cali, then promptly ticking off a few things from my “list of things to do” that I’ve always wanted to do when we spend winter here. Bliss. Pure bliss!

Now it’s catch up time. I’m going to give you guys two blogs today: 1) to respond to last week’s WWYDW and then, drum roll please. 2) I’m posting the first ever, WWYDW post from Yannick’s perspective.

But, first, it seems that I have a couple of haters out there, well, I’m sure more than a couple, but only two who are calling for me to hang up my blogging ways, since I write from a “defensive place” and that I “attack people who don’t agree with my narrative.” You know me, I can’t let sleeping dogs lie; you know I can’t help but respond, so before I write the blogs I have this to say. It is an opinion blog, and my opinion is very black and white, and my blog is based on MY opinion, which means when you read my posts they’re going to come from one perspective. Mine. Also, if I want to challenge a group of people, especially people who come for me, and my family, simply because we’ve posted something on our Instagram/Twitter, then that’s my right. It has nothing to do with “if I don’t like it I should keep my life to myself.” How about people just stop being so fucking woke all the damn time, and let people live; and how’s this for an idea: if you don’t like something somebody posts on THEIR social media, maybe I don’t know, UNFOLLOW THEM. Like stop looking. Stop reading. Obviously you have nothing in common, I’m not for you, so you know, go away, go follow people who think like you, and agree with you. There’s a thought. Because I’m here to tell you JJ, and Solution, (I truly love when people come at you, and don’t even have the nerve to use their real names…things that make me go “hmmm”, but I digress) if somebody is being rude, and judgemental to choices that my family and I make, and feel that they have the right to do so simply because we’re on social media, then I say to you both that is not only my free will to defend my family, but to also write from whatever position I feel like. Which I prefer to say is “straight forward”, or “what you see is what you get”. Holy shit, now I’m way OFF TRACK. And in closing JJ, people like you don’t stress me out, not sure why you think that, or where you got that. The truth is that comments like this often become dinner conversation, as the Bisson family, or some of my nearest and dearest, try to figure out what makes people like you tick. People who will comment on somebody’s blog, but not with a real name, or email address. Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.

Anyway. Goodness, let me get to the point of today’s blog, and the point of it was to let you know what we would have done that day when we saw the two kids in the parking lot, if there wasn’t already a concerned citizen on the job! YB and I would have done C. I’m sure those of you who know me, and my mouthy ways, probably thought I for sure would have done A, but when kids are involved I always opt for the cooler heads prevail tact. And although, I can’t imagine anything at all that would cause a mother to take a phone call, if she was in fact their mother and not a caregiver, while her children were already loaded in a shopping cart and sitting in a live lane in a parking lot. I would definitely choose to chill with the kids, chat with them loudly enough to get her attention. Once she got out of the car and came over to the cart I would suggest, should she find herself in this position again, that she leave the kids inside the car with her while she handled her phone business, and not take her kids and load them into the cart until she was ready to go into the store.

And there you have it, my reply to the WWYDW scenario.