I just want to say thank you to each and every one of you for your super support!

I want to begin today’s post by telling you how incredibly thankful I am for all your support. Today is officially “thankful Tuesday” for me.

Life is tough. We all have our battle scars. We’re all living with disappointments of some sort. We’ve all been dealt hands, during our life journey where things didn’t really go the way we envisioned it. Sometimes this can feel incredibly lonely, and as though the universe has it out for you, but trust me my friends, you’re not alone. I mean hell, if Jay-Z can cheat on Beyonce, and Justin Bieber can walk off of his stages because he’s feeling overwhelmed, and like “wow this isn’t really how I pictured it all going…” then shit, we sure as hell can have our off days too.

And this is why I’m thankful for all of you reading my daily musings, October say my site have 26,380 visits! And I’m up over 100,000 for the year so far! THAT IS AMAZING and it is all because of YOU. Thank you for your encouragement, for “egging” me on to keep sharing the thoughts that bounce around in my head. Because you know what? Some days I don’t feel all that inspired to sit down and post, but then I think about the emails you send, how my posts moved you, inspired you, or flat out made you laugh when you needed to. So I write, and in the end, it helps me out of my funk too.

We’re all on this wild road together, and if we can lift one another up from near, or far then let’s keep right on doing it. It takes very little to encourage one another, yet it has such a profound impact when we do. So let us never stop. Let us remember that it is always so much sweeter to be kind than rude, and when we extend ourselves that little bit, especially on days when we’re not even feeling it, those are usually the days when our kindness was most needed. Don’t let the negative energy of the world ever tell you differently about the wonderful powerful impact your kindness has on the planet. Keep on keeping on with your bad-ass loving selves, this girl is certainly appreciative of it.
Let it rain on down my peeps!!

And while we’re on the subject of you all being so awesome, I’ve got a wildly busy week this week, but my website builder needs some high quality photos of myself from the WORLD WIDE WEB, but a) I’m too hard on myself, so I probably would never make a decision and b) I’m seriously just way too busy to take the time to surf and download any. If you, when you have a minute, wouldn’t mind picking some that I can look at I would be even more thankful for your love and support than I already am.

Thanks from the bottom of my busy heart!