Just when I thought I knew Yannick Bisson...

One would think after almost thirty years with a person I’d know my hubby inside and out. Well I thought I had Yanny Bissony all figured out, until our last night at Langdon Hall. The entire bridal party was sitting in the dining room getting ready to order. I was sitting with my back to the entrance, waiting for the wine to arrive, when all of a sudden I heard a familiar voice. When I looked up to see where the voice was coming from there he was. My husband.

Just like that, he was standing right beside me; surprising not only Brianna, who had absolutely no idea that he would make the more than one hour drive to celebrate her becoming Mrs. Craig Franklin in less than two weeks, but me as well. In all my life if somebody who have asked me if on a Saturday night, after a full week of filming, a big bike ride earlier in the morning, and a 5am wake up the next morning to catch an 8am flight that I thought my husband would drive to surprise us I would have said; “Not a chance in hell.”

Inwardly I would have hoped for it very much, in fact I had even asked him earlier in the day if he would come and have dinner with us girls before flying to Vancouver Sunday. He assured me, as I had done just the day before, on Friday, when he asked me to come see him on set before going away for the weekend; “that no I couldn’t because it just didn’t work in the schedule.”

I mean I know my husband, or should I say, I thought I knew my husband. There was no part of me that actually thought Yannick was showing up at Langdon Hall for dinner. Not one bit of me thought that was going to be a thing, and yet he did.

I have to say when I looked up and saw my husband standing there, in that dining room that took him an hour and a half to drive to, I loved him more deeply in that moment than I have in recent days/weeks. His standing there made me realize that no matter how out of sync I might feel we are from time to time, or how I might worry that we’re growing in different ways as we head into this next phase of our lives, there is one thing I can be sure of. This is a man who loves me. Who loves me enough to make himself uncomfortable. And even more than that, not only does he love me deeply, but our girls as well. He showed up tonight as much for me, as he did for Brianna. He wanted both of us to know, before he left for a week, two weeks before her big day, that neither of us will be far from his thoughts or his heart.

He also taught me something else tonight. He taught me that even almost thirty years in, a man in love still has many surprises up his sleeve; and I want him to know that I’m here for it. I can’t wait to see what’s next baby.

I love you YB, thank you for never giving me a reason to doubt the depth of your love for me, and our little family.