I just love when men come out to play on the internet without all the facts, and other things that make me go "hmmm."

Alright friends here we go. Another post about a whole bunch of things that make me go “hmmm.”

Why are there only fruit flies on fruit during the summer months? I mean, I buy fruit all year round, yet the pesky fruit fly is only around during the warm months. I don’t understand this. Where are they the other nine months of the year? In the Caribbean?

I was having lunch with a new girlfriend who is from NYC yesterday. She flew into Toronto on Monday for two days of meetings. She’s been to Toronto so many times. She’s lived in LA, and currently is in NYC. She was pick pocketed while dining at a Freshii restaurant in Toronto. Freshii. Where vegans and vegetarians, and apparently pickpockets like to dine. Pick pocketed in Toronto? Where have I been? I don’t know a single soul living here who has been pick pocketed. Not a one. Yet my friend, from NY was. At Freshii? What the hell?

Also, something that totally makes me go “hmmm” and if I may say, vindicates me a little bit with regards to my rants about how shitty the urban planning is in my city. She told me that she thinks that Toronto traffic is the absolute WORST TRAFFIC SHE HAS EVER BEEN IN.

SEE!!! I’m not Toronto bashing. It’s a fact city council.

Guys she’s FROM NY, she’s lived in LA and even she knows that our traffic here is out of control. Something needs to be done. The people in charge of planning how our city moves, need to be fired. We need new blood. People who don’t think it’s funny that it takes thirty minutes to go 1km. You know what all these idling vehicles are doing city council? They’re creating emissions. Emissions are damaging the ozone layer. Get your heads out of your asses, and fix it. Let’s go John Tory, this was your entire platform. Your pledge, your vow, and now it is time to GET TORONTO MOVING FOR REAL.

The one thing that has me going “hmmm” more than any other thing today is the reaction yesterdays post got out of a few men on the internet.

I love, love, love people who jump on an issue that isn’t actually theirs. I mean, neither of the men who took issue with my post about inconsiderate, dangerous road cyclists even lives in my city. They have zero clue what the cyclists are like in Toronto. They have no idea that they kick cars, that they spit on cars, and in open windows. They also don’t know that they drive between cars, as in down the middle of two live lanes, between cars banging on mirrors and trunks to get cars to “move aside” so that they might pass between them. In the middle of the lanes. Where bikes don’t belong. They don’t drive a mile in my shoes, as it were. Yet man oh man did they ever have a lot to say about cyclist shaming, and demonizing them, and lumping them all in a pile.

Excuse me men, but was I even talking to you? Was I addressing you in your city and how you as a cyclist ride your bike around town. No. I was not. But since you came to the party I would like you to take the time to actually take a journey through the archives of my blog and find all the posts about bad drivers. I dare say you will find many, many more slamming shitty operators of motor vehicles than there are about shitty road cyclists. But, then you probably won’t actually do that, because that wouldn’t fit into your agenda of pitting drivers against cyclists. Nor will it allow you to appear “cool on the internet” TM.

I’m not saying that these men can’t have their opinions, for Christ’s sake this is an OPINION BLOG, all I do all day every day on it is mouth off about how I view things. It is my blog, I share my thoughts, my point of view of how I see things that happen around me each and every day. So if anybody is a fan of people being able to say what they think, it’s me. I’m just saying that I find it so humorous that a couple of men came at me and Arwen pretty hard yesterday without knowing that I bitch about everybody out there on the roads, not just the precious thin skinned roadies. Either go through my archives or back off. I would have said all this yesterday, but unfortunately Twitter only allows for 140 characters, and I can’t afford to lose anymore followers by tweeting too often, or else I won’t reach my lofty goal of 1900.

In closing I want to say the thing that I haven’t been able to shake since I learned about it is how amazing it is that the Capitol Hill Police officer who shot and killed the white terrorist who opened fire on the GOP last week, is a black female. Who also happens to be a lesbian. Good thing Crystal Griner isn’t like Scalise whom she protected; anti LGBTQ, anti women’s rights, and a racist; he’s basically a right wing nut. Lucky for him that she honored her vow to serve and protect without bias. Now maybe he will start to govern the same.

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…