Julianne Moore, Rihanna, and others were off the hook when I "broke bread" with them.

As I suspected most of you opted for D…the do nothing about the celebs you adore being “this close” to you. Some of you even added a couple other suggestions, such as send them a note, our girls did that once with a comedian they loved. He sent them back an autograph, which they neither asked for, or wanted. They ended up thinking he was too narcissistic for their tastes. All they did was write the line he was most famous for delivering on a napkin, asked our server to give it to him, so they could, hopefully, witness him crack up at the fact that somebody knew that dialogue word for word. Instead they got an eye roll and an autograph, not the reaction they were looking for.

Now for a completely different reaction from somebody uber famous. Way back when Drew Barrymore was in Toronto shooting Grey Gardens we ran into her at, what was at the time, our fave family brunch place. Brianna almost fell over when she saw her come in, not so much because our girls had grown up on Drew and were HUGE fans, but because way back when Brianna was eight she had to wear this head gear contraption to help expand her upper jaw to catch up with her lower jaw. This was experimental, and would hopefully keep her from needing jaw surgery down the road. Which it did, thank God. It was a forehead cup, and a chin cup that had wires that attached to an expander inside her mouth. The best part of it was that she was able to customize it, it was blue and had dolphins, and it looked super cute on her. But, we all know kids can be cruel, and they were. When we were at a gas station in Malibu she and Dominique ran in to pay for the gas, and who should be inside, barefoot paying for her gas? Drew. She caught sight of Brianna in her headgear, smiled, told her it was the coolest head gear she had ever seen, that she loved dolphins and that she too had worn headgear as a little girl. Her appreciation, and validation in that moment carried Brianna through the rest of her time in that apparatus, and any time anybody ever made fun of her, she would think to herself; “who cares what you think, Drew Barrymore thinks it’s AWESOME.” So when all those years later, eight to be exact, she had the good fortune to tell Drew how her kindness had carried her through some pretty horrible days she seized the opportunity. Let me tell you, when Brianna first approached the table she was not thrilled for the interruption, but the second Brianna shared why she was “bothering” her, her entire attitude changed, she became animated, and chatted with her for a good long while.

The moral of the story is this. Yes, actors, singers, famous people are indeed just like you and me. People. They put their pants on one leg at a time, and they like their privacy during normal activities like eating with friends, as do you and I. But, if you’re giving something back to them, such as Brianna did with Drew, you’re most likely to be received with joyful gratitude. Because think about it, we’re talking about people who give so much of themselves to all of us for a living, how lovely is it for us to give something back to them in return?? They are human after all, and having a give/take relationship with us would only be natural. So I figure if you’re going to say something kind, and let them know they’re appreciated without asking for anything, it will be better received than the normal, “hey can I get a selfie with you.”

So, since you all know that this is how I feel about it I’m sure you can draw your own conclusion about how I handled it when I saw Julianne Moore, spitting distance from me. I did nothing. I was, in fact so shy, I didn’t even smile in her direction. I just sat there fan girling the entire time along with Mikaela and Dominique. Yanny Bissony and I behaved the exact same way when Rhianna strolled in minutes before Baldi closed the other night, to have dinner. We were gobsmacked, because she is RHIANNA, and if you think she’s beautiful in photos, having her sitting a table away from you, I can assure you that she is RIDICULOUSLY beautiful in person. As is Julianne Moore, in fact she is more beautiful in person than she is in photos. I behaved the same way with Rhianna, didn’t even try to make eye contact, I just enjoyed breathing the same air as her, as I did last night when at dinner I was fortunate enough to be sitting RIGHT BESIDE Emma Stone. Like RIGHT NEXT TO HER. Our purses were touching that’s how close we were, and then imagine my joy and surprise when half way through dinner in sashayed Laura Dern, who squeezed in next to Emma?!?! I was LIKE WHAT IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. I was giddy, and Yannick was the luckiest one because he was facing both of them the entire time we were there. Did we say anything? No we did not. Maybe one day YB will be an award winning Hollywood star and we’ll come to appreciate the times when people do as we did and let them go about their regulars lives in peace. And maybe when that happens I’ll actually be sitting with the likes of these amazingly talented people and can carry on conversations in earnest with them, not just inside my head.

A girl can dream, can’t she???