So Janet got buried after nipple-gate, but Justin gets the stage??

Alright, I know I’m not alone on this, but my blood is boiling on this one. How on earth is it that Justin Timberlake is allowed back on the Super Bowl stage but Janet Jackson isn’t?

Her nipple didn’t fall out of her costume.

Janet herself didn’t pull her costume off her breast to reveal her nipple. Justin Timberlake did. The cocky, boy-noodle-man. I liked Justin for five hot minutes, this was before he hung Janet Jackson, pop royalty out to dry.

Okay cool, I get it; it was her last minute idea to do the lace bra reveal that matched the infamous lyrics: “BETTER HAVE YOU NAKED BY THE END OF THIS SONG.”


Justin tugs at the bustier, a red lace bra is supposed to stay fixed to her body, but we all know what happened in real life; both pieces of her wardrobe were removed, leaving, for the entire world to see, her nipple. A beautiful nipple I might add, but none the less a nipple that was broadcast live into millions and millions of homes. Children, who as you all know, have probably never ever seen a nipple in their entire lives, were finally, and without warning exposed to a part of the female anatomy that they previously had no knowledge of.

Insert eye roll here.

Oh Please. Let it go.

But let it go they did not. Janet, as I’m sure you all remember was crucified. Uninvited from the Grammy’s that year, where, I’m not sure if you recall, Justin not only attended, but performed. He didn’t man up and take even half the responsibility for what happened to Janet. Nope. He was a coward, he went and hid, letting her handle all the media attention and heat. If he, or his team had any class they would have insisted that if Janet couldn’t go to something, such as the Grammy’s, then neither would Justin perform, or hell, attend at all. But nope, Justin and his team did nothing of the sort. They stepped back and let Janet, music royalty, go down in a ball of flames all alone. No chivalry there. No, we performed as a team we’ll take the heat as a team. No sirree Bob, just a little white boy taking all the good that came from sharing that stage with a strong icon like Janet, but none of the heat of it.

Although I must say, I suppose it really isn’t his fault that he was born a white male, anymore that it is my fault to be born a white female. But it does go to show, even now, all these years later that what we were dealing with back then; sexism, racism, and the rampant misogyny that is at the top of the NFL is still alive and well. I mean if it weren’t the case then why the hell is Justin being allowed to perform the half-time show? Even if we didn’t have the entire Janet nipple reveal issue on the table here, let’s just talk current popularity/hype/interest in him as an artist. Is there any? When was the last hit he even had??? Can you name it? I know I can’t.

Meanwhile where is Janet? Why was her career never bounced back from the entire half time fiasco? Is it because she’s a woman? Is it because she is a black woman? Because you’ll never get me, a HUGE Janet Jackson fan, to believe for five seconds it’s because she didn’t have any more good music ideas. She is pop music royalty. There has never been another. Even Beyonce, who I know many love doesn’t put on, in my own opinion, the same level of show that Janet did. Janet was the original queen, and the media, and Justin Timberlake stood by and watched her hanged.

He’s gross. It’s all gross. I’ve never gotten over it, he’s a noodle, and I for one, don’t watch football anyway, too many other problems with that sport and the business of it all, but you can bet your ass, or your nipples, that I won’t be watching when that snake gets up on stage to entertain the masses. Unless you know he does something amazing, like announces that if Janet’s not on the stage with him, he’s not going on that Super Bowl stage either. The most upsetting thing about all of this, is that for whatever reason Janet threw Justin a bone. It was her half time show, she was the main act, Justin was only on stage for the final song. If she hadn’t had him up there none of this would have happened, she’d still be on top, and he’d probably not be nearly as famous as he is today. I mean it really is all so terribly confusing, they, advertisers and the TV stations air countless commercials during Super Bowl showing young people that your life gets much better when you’re drinking their beer, and by the way, when you drink that beer, you’re going to get to date a really good looking girl, with guess what?? PERFECT PERKY BREASTS. But see an actual nipple? Everybody loses their minds.

Lord help us all. Hypocrisy. Double standards. Inequality. And just plain stupid. Some people are adamant that they believe that Janet knew the costume would fail, that she was prepared for it and even had her nipple “dressed” to be seen. I mean really and truly if it was a stunt, and the nipple was always going to fly free, is it really worth all the consequence it had for her, and not him? Like really? He could have said; “No I don’t want to pull on your breast on stage in front of millions of people.” Or anything really.

But nah, let’s just always blame, shame, and punish the woman. It’s gross and exhausting. Justin Timberlake being given the half time show for the Super Bowl this year is a slap in the face to not only Janet but women everywhere. But the ball is in Justin’s court, he could pull his own stunt, and bring Janet out on stage for his final song. An act of solidarity to the pop Queen, and redemption for the white boy who stole half, if not more of her famous older brother’s dance moves.

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…do we think after all these years, and all his fame, which equals power, Justin might have grown a set, and will in fact have the nerve to override everybody and bring the woman he helped bury up on the stage with him?? I suppose only time will tell.