This isn't meant as a spoiler, but you all know that Yannick isn't actually MURDOCH, right???

Okay, okay, okay, I think there is a bit of a disconnect out there for some of you Murdoch fans. It would appear that some people might believe that Yannick IS William Murdoch. As in, they are one in the same, like they have the same traits, behave the same way, would make the same life choices.

I’m about to burst some bubbles right now, so if you happen to be one of those people who for some reason have it in your mind that Yannick IS William Murdoch, read no further. Do as I did the night of the election, when it looked like Hilary might still win the Presidency. I retired to sleep, so that I could sleep one more sleep of the angels, where in my world Donald Trump wasn’t the President Elect. I slept deeply, soundly and completely that night, like you will if you stop reading now. But like me, when you wake in the morning your world will be forever altered, Yannick Bisson will still not BE William Murdoch. William Murdoch will be a character that Yannick Bisson portrays on a television show.

Which means when you’re sitting in an auditorium, with a small group of people listening to Yannick share about his lonely, lost youth, you are listening to an actor share with you about every experience he has had that has helped shape him. You’re not listening to WILLIAM MURDOCH, a two dimensional fictional character. So when Yannick shared that he smoked weed while living alone in a basement apartment at the age of fifteen, dealing with real life in the only way an immature BOY of fifteen with no parents living with him to guide him could deal, you are listening to a man sharing about a real person. Since it’s not my story to tell I won’t delve into the issues behind why he thought “smoking dope” as you “previous-admirer” called it, was the ideal way to handle what he was going through. But he did, he was fifteen/sixteen, and he was alone. But you, in your “maturity” only heard that he did that, which is obviously something you’re deeply offended by, offended enough to write a card filled with judgement, against a man who had done something in his youth. Yannick smoked dope in the past. Which is actually none of your GD business, but since he spoke about it in a public setting, it sort of is your business now, and we should address it. So let’s handle it, shall we, and it has to be handled publicly because you weren’t even bold enough to send a return address, so Yannick could write you back privately.

I find it odd that you wouldn’t know more about Yannick, or the fact that he isn’t actually William Murdoch since you were clearly a very devoted fan. I mean you were obviously quite committed to Yannick, and Murdoch Mysteries. Your diatribe of hate came on a card, which cost you some money, the photos that you returned to him were photos you had taken and printed, which means they also cost you money, and were taken of him while he was on location. Which means you took time off work, assuming that you have a job, to go stand around on set long enough to get some photos of him in a couple different outfits. I mean, that is commitment, I’m married to the man and I don’t know where he’s shooting most of the time. You cared enough to go through all of that, and I am assuming to also pay for a ticket to his talk that he gave at the Brantford Theater. This is where I believe you became unhinged, since I’m fairly certain it was the only time he has ever shared about his time smoking weed, because as far as I can remember he hasn’t talked about it in other interviews. But it came up organically when he was addressing a question about how he might not have ended up where he is in life now if he hadn’t met me at eighteen. He was being vulnerable with the audience. He was being honest, and frank and you came along and shit all over that. You shit all over it not because you sent your photos back, or because you wrote such hatred in a card. You shit all over his openness toward all of you, his willingness to give something more that night than he had in any other interviews to date, and his conscience decision to give more of himself because he felt that was what an intimate talk should be like, you shit on it by telling him that he thinks he is “big shit” and finishing your hand written bullshit letter with calling him an “asshole.” But the real icing on the cake is that you had the nerve to suggest he is an embarrassment to his three daughters.

Really lady? Bitch please. SIT DOWN.

You’re the asshole.

He was out there on a Sunday night, two hours from home, after having had a full week of shooting behind him that involved exterior night shooting in the cold, knowing he had another two hour drive home with a 5:30am pick up, to give something of himself so that you might feel like you had a special encounter with him, and that’s how you repay him? With a judgemental letter about how he is a bad father to his children because he “smoked dope”? Lady you’re way offside. You actually know nothing at all. A man is not a bad father because he smoked weed as a teenager. Are you kidding me? Where are you even from?

A man is a bad father because he neglects his daughter.

A man is a bad father because he never tells his daughter that he loves her, or that she’s smart, or that she can do anything she sets her mind to.

A man is a bad father because he beats his daughter.

A man is a bad father because he rapes his daughter.

But don’t you dare tell Yannick that he is a bad father for smoking weed. This man is the father that every single woman wishes she had. Yannick is the sort of father that any girl on this planet would be lucky to have, for so many reasons that I don’t have time to list, nor do you deserve to know them.

And he is a big fucking deal. You bet your ass he is, he’s been working for 34 years to achieve “big dealness”. And it’s probably good of you to jump off the train now, since he’s only going to get bigger, which means your small, jealous heart can’t handle that, so you’re smart to move on before that happens.

And that “asshole” donates more time, energy and commitment to drawing attention to the needs of kids with cancer in a week than I’m sure you ever have in your entire life.

You must be one lonely, woman, I mean if you’re casting out every single person you come in contact with based on “the sins they’ve committed.” Who do you have left? I mean who do you hang out with? Like it really makes me go “hmmm” who is pure and good enough to be fortunate enough to earn the privilege of your company? Even Jesus hung out and gave salvation to prostitutes, so my guess would be probably nobody, and if there is anybody you have relationships with, then my assumption would be that you don’t shit about who they really are, lest they too fall under your harsh judging ways. Which really is the bottom line here isn’t? Maybe you don’t have anybody at all, and you’re upset with all the people he does have, especially since he’s a bad person who “smoked dope.”

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…