Isn't it enough already NRA/Gun Lobbyist/Politicians who line their pockets with the blood of innocent people?

“After Sandy Hook we said never again. And then we let 1,518 mass shootings happen.”

That is a mass shooting (where four or more people are shot) per day; that is 1,754 days since innocent children lost their lives while at school.

The mass shooting in Vegas was already #273 for the year. The year was 274 days old.

1, 715 people will never get to hear I love you again, they will never say I love you again. Dreams will never be realized, futures never fulfilled. Mothers/fathers without daughters/sons, lovers without their partners, children without parents, extended families without people who mattered so much to them. All gone.

6089 injured.

***these numbers don’t even include those lives lost just yesterday in Texas, as they participated in an activity that most would consider “the purest” thing one can do. Which is to be sitting in a house of worship honoring their God.***

All numbers, stats really, to the people in a position of power to do something to bring about change, and yet they don’t. They say it’s too big a ship to turn around. Too big a problem to reign in. So they continue to let them die. They continue to offer up hollow, empty prayers.

It is too much; it is enough already.

God be with the families who once again are unexpectedly dealing with the tragic loss of an innocent loved one today. Eight from one family alone. Can you imagine?? I want you to close your eyes and think about your family losing EIGHT members in one fell swoop? It is unimaginable. My heart breaks for you every single one of you. And although that is not enough, and that will never bring back your family member you loved so much, sadly from where I sit, in a country shaking its head, it is all I can give.

May your load of grief grow lighter as time brings the miracle of healing.