Isn't it disgusting that the kids of Stoneman Douglas HS are being bullied on the internet, by adults?

Everyday when I wake up, since last weeks mass shooting, I tell myself that today I’m going to keep my feelings, my thoughts, my anger about what happened to those kids in Florida to myself. That it’s sort of a “enough” now, I can’t blog about it every single day. I mean I know plenty of bloggers, and people on social media that haven’t said one thing about it at all.

But I’m not wired that way. Maybe it’s the mother in me? Maybe it’s the idealistic part of my character that feels like we all have to apply more pressure until change comes? Maybe, just maybe, it’s because the kids who survived the shooting are not backing down, that has me, and so many people still talking about it one week later. Whatever it is, I’m actually pleased with this turn of events, because in the past, after the camera crews have left the murder site; which is usually within 48-72 hours the story goes away. We don’t think about it again until we’re standing in the checkout line at the market and see the faces of the victims on the latest People Magazine. These kids are not standing for that, they are warriors, and I believe they will change America.

This post is for “Katie”, who suggested that I should just take my “dumb family” back to Canada because I happen to think the lack of any conversation happening within the US government about how to stop the mass shootings that are becoming a “normal” part of every Americans life is a damn shame makes me a “hater” of the country. The country where my youngest daughter was born, the country where some of my best friends reside, the country that I always dreamed of owning a home in, and the country that I spend a great deal of my tourists dollars in. I don’t hate your country Katie, your politicians who are owned by the NRA, who are sitting on their hands turning a blind eye, a deaf ear, and stone cold heart to the hundreds of children who lose their lives, and the parents who bury them. Those people I hate, with a passion that I honestly never knew I could feel, since I’m not naturally a hateful person. And if “Katie” had read the post all the way through she would have seen me say that my country Canada, is also failing their citizens who suffer with mental health issues. My country is far from perfect, said that in my tweet as well, which I guess she also missed? But the one thing my country, along with so many others are doing right is how they handle and manage guns, America, to be blunt about it, sucks at it. Like is the worst at it, and these aren’t my feelings, this sadly is fact.

But I’m a tad bit bored about posting over the semantics of the Florida shooting, because I’m sorry, but so many of the politicians who have Twitter, really shouldn’t, along with a great number of “journalists” are saying the absolutely most ridiculous and heinous things about the kids from Florida. Kids who are actually putting themselves out there in a very real way to make sure that their friends deaths weren’t in vain. Being bullied on social media by “adults” is just so completely gross that I wish judgement day, and when people get condemned to spend their lives in hell was a televised event. I would love to see what the fates will bring to all these people who are posting things like the children from Florida are pawns in the left’s agenda, and other absolute BS. I mean the fact that Florida lawmakers voted against a bill that would have banned assault weapons.



Like are you kidding me right now? This doesn’t make me say “hmmm” people this is a total WTAF is going through these people’s minds??? There were kids standing before them who watched their friends die. Do these people not have kids? Do they not have grand-kids? Do they not have hearts or souls?

Who can do that? Who can make that call. Days after a mass shooting happens in your own backyard, you have a chance to be on the right side of the law, an opportunity to really make a name for yourself, and possibly save your ass and even get reelected. But they chose not to.

Every single one of you who voted against this bill should be utterly and completely ashamed of yourself. But to bully these kids on the internet tells me that they’re doing the right thing, and I hope and pray that the support of not only George and Amal Clooney, but that of Oprah proves to these kids that they’re doing the right thing. So Katie, I don’t know about you, but it sounds like to me that you would do better to be pissed off at the people who are in leadership roles and deciding the laws of your country, than me. Unless of course, you’re also with them…