Why isn't anybody reporting on the heartbreak in Syria???

Today I was going to post about Fuckboys, cuz two of my daughters asked me to. It’s apparently an epidemic, and after some of the stories that they’ve shared with me, and what I’ve witnessed with my own two eyes I can safely declare that I they are right. Finding decent young men to date is becoming like finding a needle in a haystack. I will 1000% post about this, but I’m not feeling it for today.

I also wanted to blog about all the midnight cowboy racers with their “man business” in their hands as they race up the very treacherous, dangerous, difficult canyon road next to my house. Waking and then keeping the entire sleepy mountain community awake while they “risk death” during normal sleeping hours of the residence who LIVE HERE, but I hear sirens up there, which means perhaps one of those dumb asses went off the side of the mountain. It wouldn’t be the first time this has happened, and I’m sure it won’t be the last, so just in case somebody did actually drive off the mountain in the pitch black of the night I won’t complain about them for respect of the dead…

Then I was thinking I could bemoan how tired I am, how disappointed I am at how long these renovations are taking. Or how I ate something that didn’t agree with me at lunch today. Or how f’n tired I am and how I intended to finish the final three chapters of my non-fiction book on this trip but haven’t written ONE WORD…so many things I could muse about.

Yet I can’t shake the images I saw earlier today of small children being pulled out of the rubble in war torn Syria. I mean I know that it’s not going well there, and that the people that remain there are in serious danger. We all know that. But what I keep forgetting, thanks to the 24/7 coverage of the “Presidential race” is that there are innocent people trapped and dying in Syria. All day, every day. And for just five minutes I would like us all to focus our hearts, our thoughts, our intentions on bringing about peace to that region. In the hopes that no more innocent lives will be lost. That no more children will be being pulled out of the rubble, or having rockets launched into their neighborhoods. Let us all meditate on this Marianne Williamson prayer for peace…

May the Leaders in our World
Be bathed in Sacred Light.
May all people put down their weapons
And look to the Heavens for Truth.
May Loving Kindness fill their hearts
As Forgiveness washes over them
And Humankind becomes One in Love

As we go about our business today let us not be distracted by the many worries, complaints or struggles we are facing. Let us focus our energy and willing peace to come to Syria for the sake of all the children literally caught in the cross fire.

Much love,