I'm trying to decide if I'm cocky, or trusting???

What a whirlwind end to my week I have had. I honestly wouldn’t want to repeat it, for any amount of money.

Until the day my laptop fell into the spa, I had never thought of myself as a “cocky person.” I always figured I was a practical, slightly skeptical sort of person, who took precautions. For example, at night, before I go to bed, I check all the locks on my doors, THREE TIMES. I also hit save on all my work THREE TIMES. I know this has more to do with my OCD, than it probably has to do with anything else. But, my point is, I have trust issues. Certainly where it comes to technology.

So, in light of the Great Drowning of my Laptop 2016, you would think that I would have had my shit backed up. I don’t trust technology. Or so I thought. After this experience I can’t help but wonder:

Do I actually, secretly trust it?


Am I just a cocky writer/person-type who never thought anything bad would come my way with regards to the years, and years, AND YEARS, of work that was stored solely on the drive of my laptop.

It really makes me go “hmmm…” Who the hell do I think I am? Miss invincible, who doesn’t need to take any safety measures? Come to think of it, I do suppose that is who I really am deep down inside. Check out my track record on pretty serious matters: getting pregnant after dating my hubby four short months, comes to mind, and would point to the fact that I am, and always have been, cocky. Or, I’ve got an incredible amount of faith, that nothing bad will happen to me…right? And in the grand scheme of things, as one of our daughters pointed out, “it’s not that serious, like an earthquake or something…”

I apologize. This is a disjointed, rambly post. I think it has more to do with my complete and utter shock that my drowned laptop, that despite placing in a bag of rice for a full day was literally STILL swimming in water when my computer tech opened it up. What is even more shocking is that it still had my data in the condition where it could be saved. I am stunned. I am grateful. I am bewildered. And I am HUMBLED.

Thanks to all of you who gave such wonderful advice, beautiful words of support, and encouragement when I thought all was lost. For letting me know that I’m not alone in my misunderstanding about all this computer business, and not backing up. I will never forget your kindnesses. And Theresa, thank you so much for the solid “techy” advice to absolutely never, ever back up to the “Cloud.” I never have backed up to it, because honestly, of all the sketchy computer, big brother, shit out there…the Cloud scares the crap out of me the most. So thank you for validating/confirming my suspicions about it. You rock. Oh, and your donation for the Princess Campaign was OFF THE CHARTS, thanks for that too.

Loads of love to you all!
xoxo Shantelle