I'm so thankful to be Canadian, and have Canadian daughters.

Isn’t it funny when we make decisions to cleanse our mind, our hearts, and our lives of hate, or negative emotion, it seems like the “dark side” of life throws all the ugly it can at you. I find this to be the case all to often. But regardless of this, I will persist in my commitment to be love, to think love and to hope for more love.

As I read the news today; about the current administration and their birth control decision I couldn’t help but think of my girls. And when I did the depth of gratitude that filled my heart to be Canadian, was almost overwhelming. Here in our country they, me, and all women have the rights over their bodies, as they should, because they are theirs.

Then I read about Harvey Weinstein…the allegations don’t surprise me. Not at all. Neither does the fact that people are calling the women liars. Isn’t it shameful that in 2017 women are still called liars when they finally get the nerve to come forward about sexual assault? I’d love to say that I’m shocked, but look who’s sitting in the Oval Office…

Both these news items inspired me to write today’s blog; a love note to my girls.

Dear Brianna, Dominique and Mikaela,

I thank God every single day that I was blessed with three girls. Over the almost twenty-nine years that I’ve been a mother there have been countless times where people have asked me; “do you wish you had a son?”

I’ve always answered them the same way; “No.” Not once, not even for half a second have I ever wished any of you had been boys.

I feel like the universe gave me my three best friends, my three favourite people, and my three greatest teachers all under one roof. I couldn’t be more thankful that it’s you that I get to call daughters.

Each and every day I’m proud of you girls, even on the days when you’re crumpled, and broken, I’m proud of you. I’m proud of your open vulnerable hearts, that knows there is no shame in cracking wide open and admitting weakness. In fact it is the exact opposite thing. Being soft reveals your incredible strength.

As I read the news, and witness what this current US administration is doing not only to the LGBTQ community, but to people who aren’t white, rich and male I’m thankful, more than I’ve ever been, that we’re Canadian. That the three of you live in a country where your right to choose what you want to do with your body is up to you, and not your government. I’m thankful that none of you have had to suffer a sexual assault and live with the pain of knowing that even if you try to seek justice against your attacker the chances are high that you’ll never get it.

My heart is overflowing with gratitude for all the blessings having you has brought into my life.

My spirit is thankful knowing that even though I’ve made so many mistakes, way too many to count, that you’ve forgiven me, and love me still.

My soul is bursting with joyful anticipation of our future with one another.

Thank you for picking me, thank you for loving me, thank you for trusting me.

I love you more than I could have ever imagined loving anybody. You three are the best thing this life has given me.

Love, Mutti